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Feedback Friday 6-24-11

Jun 23, 2010
My Ideas are:

Drop-a-palooza- Increase the chance of getting a boss dropped pet by
50%- 70%

Transformation-a-palooza- Have all kinds of cool New Transformations for 75 Crowns at least 5 new ones!

Hatching-a-palooza- Have a better chance of a mix of 2 pets and lower the price of hatching by 30% -50% off!

Rare Drop-a-palooza- Have new pet drops for the envent!

Treasure-a-palooza- Be able to buy any kind oftreasure card spell in the game even the new level 58 spells!!!!! with out having to use an amulet

Gold-a-palooza- Higher the Selling prices of everything and lowering the prices of everything

Jul 15, 2010
Potionpalooza where you can buy potions to boost pet abilities , thus losing crafty , spirited , gifted , spirited , ....... David LifeMender lvl 60 theurgist

Jun 11, 2009
Mcpickle47 wrote:
Dance-a-palooza would be amazing! It could be where you can buy new emotes or add-ons to gear where when you win a battle you do a different type of dance or for your pets or just having a party at your house. Also during the palooza, you can find the teachers (even Headmaster Ambrose) dancing by the lake in the Commons. They can give you quests where you get special emotes like where a disco ball appears, or flashing appear. You can also buy the emotes in the crown shop. Hope you like this idea!

Flashing is no good for photosensitive epilepsy.

Sep 27, 2010

House items, clothes, and pets on sale!!!!

Celebrating the 4th of july

Jul 21, 2009
howbou a gold a palooza, where you can use gold insted of crowns so people could get more plzplzplzplzplz uze mi idea cuz itz a great way to solve complaints of people buin crowns

Aug 12, 2009
Study-A-Palooza - Limited Edition Quests that give Training Points or allowing wizards to learn a spell of their choice from an outside school for Completion. These Quests could entail fighting cheating bosses and be given by Sir Reginald Baxby, the BIG GAME HUNTER.

Example: Upon completion of a quest, a pop up box appears with a selection of spells that are learned as Quest Rewards for other schools, such as Pierce, Steal Ward, Immolate, Bladestorm, etc.


Trans-a-Palooza - Wizards have all been mutated (1 Week) into different creatures of the spiral. New Transformation Elixirs available such as:
Samoorai, Horse Marauder, Wraith, Ghoul, Cat Burglar, Coven Raven, Cyclops, Minotaur, etc.

New MOUNT Transformation Elixirs - Make your mount appear like a: Humongofrog, Squid, Panther, Sphinx, etc.


Gig-A-Palooza - Release of new Quests that give Training Points, and new Trainers that give access to 'Enemy' Trained cards.

Jul 13, 2009
one word: card-a-palooza, card packs are 50% off at the crowns shop.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Jul 13, 2009
bravevline wrote:
I think there ought to be a "castle-a-palooza" where the castles are cheaper and new castles are released. A new space like house would be awesome. (No offense, but I don't really think the CL observatory home is all that and if you ask me, it's not worth the time crafting. SORRY!) They could put a different planet on it to venture to also. Another cool one would be a woodsy outdoors one. Like a forest with a log cabin and a warning sign with a picture of big foot and occassionally, a forest lord pops up and runs about.

good idea :D

Jun 17, 2009
A really, really, really awsome idea for a palooza would be the boss palooza! see what it would be located at a new area to be accsesed from the commons much like Pet pavillion. And see, in it you can go up against any boss you've faced and defeated, the only difference is that they've gotton harder to defeat. If you managed to defeat the upgraded boss you could get some ultra-rare items. Give me your thoughts please.

Alex ThunderFlame Lv. 46 Pyromancer

You Wizards are so creative! Thanks for your ideas, and I'll let the shopkeepers know what you're interested in! ::grin::.

New Feedback Friday very shortly!

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