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Feedback Friday 6-24-11

Apr 15, 2009
Dance-a-palooza would be amazing! It could be where you can buy new emotes or add-ons to gear where when you win a battle you do a different type of dance or for your pets or just having a party at your house. Also during the palooza, you can find the teachers (even Headmaster Ambrose) dancing by the lake in the Commons. They can give you quests where you get special emotes like where a disco ball appears, or flashing appear. You can also buy the emotes in the crown shop. Hope you like this idea!

Aug 20, 2009
I'd really love an Amulet-a-Palooza. Ok here's the "runedown"...
-There is an amulet crafting station in the Shopping District.
-Based on level, players can add a card/cards to an amulet and design it how they wish.
-If a player is Level 58+, they can add 2 cards to their amulet.
-If a wizard is Level 60, their amulet will give +1 Power Pip on the first round.
-Pricing: Level 5+: 500 gold; Level 10+: 1000 Gold; Level 22+: 5000 Gold; Level 33+: 10,000 Gold; Level 45+: 15,000 Gold; Level 58+: 20,000 Gold.
-All amulets and amulet recipes currently sold at the Bazaar or vendors will be 50% off. This includes Mastery Amulets.

Hope you like my ideas!!
~Valerian DarkBringer: Legendary Death
~Thomas DragonCaster: Adept Life

Jan 09, 2010
I think it would be amazing if you gave us the ability to change our face and hair, we've been asking for this for a long time. Do you guys think, it may be possible? If you all give it a shot it would go along the lines of a dye-a-palooza. Then again, if you'd want to make it permanent use one of the empty houses in the wizard city as a shop.
Anything is possible right Mrs. Falmea?
:) especially since you have so many wonderful test students to help out in the test realm!

Mar 27, 2011
what about a wand-a-palooza where there are new exclusive wands for a limited time ( for gold and crowns )

Mar 17, 2011
Ah, how about....Card-A-Palooza! Bring awesome cards like: "Pet Storm" (Gives you like 3 random pets), Crown Jumble (Random crown costing items or crowns), More ideas. All I can think off currently! So there it is :)

Feb 21, 2009
Community Leader
Awesome Q & A Professors.

If we did a future "a-palooza" event, what would you like?

I like crowned items one you mentioned. How about a House a-palooza. You could have houses discounted and new items.

Gear a-palooza
Plant a-palooza

Jun 13, 2009

I gotta admit, I am a sword and saber kinda guy (yeAH ever the aspiring shinobi).


I would love to see a wand-a-peluzza!!!!!!!!!!

Of course we'd have more swords than wands :D

Would love to see some new and epic swords and sabers introduced in the game.

Unfortunatley Falmea I am not a fan of the two-handed dragonrider sword. It kinda gets old standing arounhd in a battle stance and running with it just look....weird.

Anyways Wand-a-peluzza!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 05, 2008
A rare-a-paloza where rare items can be found easier like 25-50% easier :)

Jul 03, 2009
I think there should be a wand-a-palooza on all the current wands in the crown shop and maybe even come out with some new ones for all different levels of wizards.

Jun 21, 2011
spell-a-palooza where all levels for spells are dropped by one level to learn. or all spells are free

Mar 13, 2009
I agree about new outfits and house items so we can express our own styles and personalities :)

Feb 12, 2009
OK! i would love to see "scepter-a-palooza" basically we see new wands and get discounts like 50% off. one wand i would really like to see would be a lasso. i want one so bad. well, thats just my 2 cents.

Allison Deathwielder "Cow Girl" :P

PS: if your interested in a cow girl look, use the following items:
Hat: brisk cap
Robe: rockin' outfit
Shoes: pop's skillful boots

PSS: hey if at all possible i would like to add i would like to see a badge a palooza to where we can type a label for our own badge (chat filter applying). obviously mine would say "Cow Girl"

Mar 05, 2009
I'm torn between Plant-a-Palooza and Craft-a-Palooza.

The Plant one would be a gardening festival - new seeds, reduced prices on Crown seeds, and "seed packets" (like the Dragon Hoard packs) that could include crown or limited-edition seeds, energy refills, new Garden Gnomes in different colors, bug-away items that reduce the chances of getting some pests, and hard-to-find Liked housing items.

The Craft party could have sales on reagent packs, increased spawn / harvest rates for reagents, reduced cool-down times so you could craft more often, new and "cheaper" recipes (takes fewer items than usual to craft something), limited-edition gear recipes (you could craft it any time, but recipes only available for a short while), and some decorative housing items modeled after reagents (similar to the Stone Roses and Lotus Flowers available now, but that look like black lotus, piles of mistwood, etc. ).

May 29, 2010
Where you can have limited edition crown shop spells and spells for gold. But when you buy them it would actually unlock a quest for your spell to make it even more fun!

I think it would be amazing if you had like Greek god spells.

May 02, 2010
Well i dont think some of you might like this idea but i should just say it :D :D :D ok heres my ideas
1.Garden-a-palooza it should be an event when their are contest but when you do the contest you get the stuff you need but expet you need one energy to do one.And when its done their are places like first gets the best 2nd gets 2nd best and third gets 3rd best.And if you didnt get any of those places you get somethinng random.garden stuff would be 50% off

2. next a house-a-paloza in each spiral will get to more new houses added!And houses would be 50% off.One more thing At the commons (somewhere) their should be a new visit houses thing.But you would have to open it (castles only members can only open).

3.Hatch-a-paloza where some pet hatches would be 50% or less off for hatching!then their should be new hybrids with more of the pets not just the school pets.And i would have some ideas!
Unicorn dragon a life or balance pet.Gives unicorn card at teen
thunder spider
Brown spider storm.Gives Thunder spider at Anciet
Unicorn piggle life.Gives one stun at baby
Devil pig
Piggle (something death) death.Gives one stun block at teen
4. my final idea
summer-a-palzao In the summer-a-palzoa you get to do fun events!the fire teacher and the life teacher would need your help.You get to do fun quests (tons of them) and fight the Sand monster (balance) Water monster (storm) sun monster (fire) and then at the end you have to fight the evil summer haters the Snow monster (ice) Death (death) The not so fun cyclops (myth)

Hope you like
Destiny summer whisper level 45
I like fun stuff! :D :D :D :D

Oct 16, 2009
plant a palooza! crown seeds are 1/2 off, and garden spells are cheaper! get your free seed when you enter the game, while new plants, such as the sunflower, the marigold, the peashooter and more are available in the garden vendors and the crown shop!

Mar 31, 2010
Id like to see style-a-palooza. where you would add new faces and hair styles and use a room in shopping district to make a space for us the be able to change our looks. kinda like a beauty salon or something loL!

Ps: make another space in our classrooms to create a 7TH WIZARD.

? laterz

Jun 10, 2009
House-a-palooza totally! A new house UNDERWATER! That would be wicked!

It's the inside that counts!

Caitlin FairyBlossom

Aug 29, 2009
Definitely clothes-a-palooza, with more school clothing. I'm more interested in cute clothing than stats. I stitch for stats and dye for the colors I want. All of my wizards have clothing with school insignia, most of which is of the Krok or MB style.

Apr 13, 2011
Housing please!! We need new, more affordable houses ( gold ) with bigger limits.. or house stitching xD I want my 250 items for my Citadel.. I don't want to buy the more expensive house, with tons of extra room I don't need to get 250 item limit :/

Dec 20, 2008
I think it would be fun to have a garden-a-plooza--you could have new items for the garden. Examples: furniture, gnomes, fairies, flowers, trees, bushes.
furniture: chairs, tables w/umbrellas; gazbo; trellis; swings, playground equipment A great way to intro the new plants
you create wonder yards but you only have one gnome. The gnomes would make cool pets and would be evan better if they would do things in the garden. The gnomes could fight the pest.

Please do another pet-A- palooza soon.

I also like the idea of a clothing-a-plooza; a-Hatch-a-Plooza is a great idea

A holiday-A-Palooza would be fun and it would give wizards a chance to get retired ithems that they missed ex: pets, mounts, outfits, furniture

I would love to see mermaids, whales, and dolphins added to the underwater world. Plus they would make great pets

Feb 12, 2010
Hi, Professor!
Snacks that are available for a short time only!
Special snacks!
School snack crown packs!
Snacks that are secretly stashed all over the Spiral on Bosses and monsters that level your pets one whole level! :D
Special craftable snacks, that use really common reagents and are easily craftable by initiates but that give really great stats, boosts and talents! :)

Jan 11, 2010
Jun 08, 2009
My votes definitely with wand-a-palooza :D. maybe if you could introduce other wands to the store similar to lifeforce blade. i'd love it if storms was a lightning bolt or sword with lightning for the blade. maybe fire would be a flaming sword, ice could be icicle or sword with a blade made of ice. lot of possibilities. i would love to see my sword hit turn into me throwing a lightning bolt at someone or zapping someone with it, or shooting a burst of fire from my sword. :D.

cya in the spiral,
paul stormglade, level 60 diviner
paul ironflame, level 50 pyromancer
paul sandstone, level 5 balance