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Feedback Friday 4-10-15

Aug 15, 2012
My pet already has Spell defy and proof, and fairy and Healing current, pip o' plenty, all I want is a new healing MC spell to be implemented to it :D

Mar 10, 2009
May cast rebirth & may cast satyr
A jewel system for pets so that we can get the card we want on our favorite pet.
A pet stitching system could also help, instead of a jewel system.

I still want a Zoo house or bundle that holds more than 50 pets inside/outside ;)

Mar 28, 2013
Yes, I thought of the ability to be able to stitch pets too. :)

Also, I wish our pets could level up with us............even earn some of the xp to help assist with leveling themselves up. They are right beside us, helping us so they should benefit just as we do when questing. Pets are such an integral part of the game, and they are not getting their due credit.

If pets leveled up right alongside us, that would be a big incentive to keep on questing!

Maybe even be able to deflect a random spell every one in a while.......(not a talent to go beyond Mega)........but this ability would be inherent in all pets. The pet can randomly intercept a spell targeted (non-damage) towards the wizard..........my preference would be to deflect a stun. So instead of me being stunned, the pet is stunned for a round :P.

Apr 27, 2009
Once they reach a certain point they can go big mode and you can ride them like a mount!

Nov 19, 2014
make next growth talent pet after mega (make look like this)

4000 XP "Exalted" growth call them Exalted (Exalted Pet Should Be Shadow Pet) be cool feed them shadow magic pet snack for shadow magic talent/spell etc shadow magic spell/talent?

only get that shadow magic pet talent/spell (pet much be exalted) & (feed them shadow magic pet snack only)

same thing others pet talent like"derby/talent" 3rd one is shadow "shadow magic spell/talent go that list" like "Talents/Derby" if feed them shadow magic pet snack!

Feb 19, 2010
May cast insane bolt for those of you who love your pet so much that your fine with it killing you :D

Jul 17, 2012
I wish pets did not get the common traits so much. I see very little benefit to adding 20 to agility for example when that increase does not make any of the numbers that obviously help the wizard go up. If increasing the trait of shielding for example by the pet getting one of the common pet traits actually happened then I could see a reason for having these common traits but in my experience they make no difference to how much shielding a pet provides. I would like to see common traits be healing or shielding rather then increasing the numbers the pet has. I wish that pets that have a card at baby would get three of it like the enchanted armament does. It would be cool if forest lord would have three of its card. I wish that pets got the visible traits of its parents more often so that if the parent pet has shielding showing its baby would be more likely to get shielding then it would some trait that is not showing. I wish that the pets with healing would notice when the wizard is about to be defeated and cast the healing spell or spells they have and be smarter like the life henchman has become. In pvp pets should not be able to give a wizard an unfair advantage. I think that in pvp if a pet on one team casts a healing spell and the pet on the opposing team can cast a healing spell then that should trigger the pet to do the same so pets on both sides heal the same. It is not fair that some wizards in pvp have pets that heal a lot while the opposing wizards have pets not healing. pvp should be about the players skills not about how much aid a player can get from a pet. wizards should have their pets be more equal so that for example if a player has a pet that has five healing spells and the opposing player is using a pet with no healing spells the player with the five healing spell pet can't use that pet. but if both pets have a healing spell then they can use that pet against each other.

Dec 19, 2009
That is a very good question....... but I would I can probably think of a few choices........

Maybe if you get attacked your pet could May Cast Loyalty, a spell that all pets have and the spell depends on the species of pet, the school, and level you got it (ex: level 48 stormzilla pet would be a level 48 storm dinosaur that, when it casts loyalty, it grows to a very large size like the spell and steps on the enemy).

Or maybe you could get a one use pet battle card from your pet that allows you to play as them for five rounds and use spells that you teach them from breeding!

Jul 17, 2012
I think it might be cool if we could hatch mounts. say a friend has a mount that looks cool but it is not easily bought then you could hatch a mount with their mount and you each get a mount that looks like the other ones mount. It might also be cool to have the mounts chance speeds so if the wizard wants to travel at 20% or 40% the wizard can choose the speed they go or if the wizard wants to travel at 60% then they can chose that but have the mount only travel that fast for a short time and allow them to do the bust of speed in places where it is a long walk back to a battle like in dungeons. It might be fun to set up some place where players could race their mounts.

Jul 17, 2012
After reading other people ideas I think that people may be desiring classes of pets. One class could be used to duel like the wizard can and another class are pets that aid the wizard like what we currently have. I like that pets can heal and provide shielding and increased accuracy and increased critical and block and other things that aid the wizard but I would not want the pet to take over the battle and do it for me. If a dueling class was created then players could have duels with the dueling class pets. these classes should be kept separate. A dueling class pet would have its own deck of cards and the owner and the pet would work together like at a dog show in real life. At a real life dog show the owner signals to the dog to jump or sit or stand on it hind legs or other things. so with the dueling class pets in wizard101 the owner has say in what the pet does but the pet can make its own decisions too. Maybe there could be a third class of pets that would be for beauty contests or other categories of appearance these pets would be chosen for looks and wizards could have choices in what the pets look like. mounts and pets could be in this third class. wizard101 could add ways for player to make their pets prettier or match other appearance categories.

Mar 10, 2014
hey wizards and professors

some pet talents i would like would be may cast rebirth no just kidding
well what if they could cast frozen armor and if they could do it depending on the number of pips the wizard has at that round.

fred 80 ice

Oct 30, 2010
I personally would love to see 2+ pets working together. Expanding onto what Kelsey said I think there could be a talent something like "Teammate" for example let's say there is a life pet and it gets the Teammate talent,
it could say "can work with any pets to generate (life spell card here). So let's say it was a forest lord spell that they could generate and there were two life pets in that battle. They could both jump out of the player area where they usually are into the spiral where attacks are casted and draw the life symbols and then jump back into the player circle and cast the hit but not take any traps or blades or any sort of boost so it doesn't effect if the player was going to hit the enemy.

Hope you can take this into consideration because I think wizards would really love their pets to come through for them!

-Diana GoldCrafter/Destiny/Nicole Shadow

Aug 18, 2011
Starting shadow pip (given automatically at baby) and/or shadow pip % boost talent (Shadow Pip O' Plenty? Plenty O' Shadow?". but this would have to be level restricted somehow, like can only be equipped by level 100 and up wizards, or else shadow features made inactive until the player unlocks shadow magic via the quest. Pets that look like shadow creatures would be awesome.

BUT before working on anything new, please:

1- change pet cards visually so we can distinguish them from item cards. This is very important for stacking, especially for team play in the new dungeons.

2- fix derby glitches - 3rd lap, enfeeblement, speed hacking with 3rd party software


Aug 20, 2011
Corwin F on Apr 11, 2015 wrote:
May Cast Talents :
the only MC most players are looking for are heals and another team heal would be awesome
only the MC Unicorn is available so far (and the fun but not that helping MC Lifebat)
although, the only one I can think about is Sprite Swarm because Rebirth is too big for a MC
but I hear already all the complaints about Sprite Swarn during too long!
so maybe a completely new spell : direct heal for the team mates, a little better than Unicorn
or something like a team Energizing Battery might be fun

MC talents other than heals are usually for PvP : Infallible, Enfeeble, Tower Shield, etc
I can't really talk about it because I'm not enough in the Arena but I think Regular Talents are more handy there (Damage & Critical for hitter, Resist for support)

Regular Talents :
if I'm not wrong some usual talents are still missing for a few schools and I guess, mostly damage talents would be appreciated :
- Fire-Boon (+3% Fire Damage)
- Myth-Boon (+3% Myth Damage)
- Balance-Boon (+3% Balance Damage)

and like Keksey said, it's time to get some Shadow talents too (damage, resist and accuracy)
maybe some MC talents too like Shadow Blade, Shadow Shield, Shadow Dispel

Card Talents or Pet Cards :
besides a new kind of team heal a little better than Unicorn but not as strong as Rebirth :
- some Shadow related spells, for example, I'd really like to see one that cancels a Shadow state on enemy
- the new variants seen in Four Dungeons would be nice, like Life Leviathan (I want this one soooo bad! lol), Fire Skeleton Dragon, Monk of Mourning, Monster Mash, etc

Let's be crazy :
what if a pet would give a school Mastery?
maybe not as Regular Talent (although mixing lines to get a multiple Mastery pet means no other handy talents and I'm not sure players would do that except for challenge, eh, eh)
so maybe like the Energy bonus on the Dapper Corgi, Mastery could be an inner talent

window.onbeforeunload = function() {}
Very nice. I especially liked the "Mastery pets" idea. Nice thought!

Nov 19, 2014
so, sick of shadow magic (seem so, overpower) unfair for immunity because waste of pet/snack/pet talent (wish there was may cast shadow magic dispel!

that I want for pet talent (pvp not fun anymore) shadow magic ruin pvp every 24 time a days! let somebody else chance to win so, chance to shine for once! seriously

second through talent for pet would pick: APR=Armor Pierce Resist

(like Armor Resist did for Pirate101 for ) do for wizard101 make for APR

like APR because better then resist so, defense our self to counter (incoming Armor Pierce Damage)

(APR don't do) would choice: MC Bad Juju but not single but MC Mass Bad Juju!

Jan 11, 2012
1) maycast gardening spells that do ALL outdoor/indoor plants:

2) Energy Boosting abilities - you know how we have abilities that boost resist, damage, crit, block? Well, why not some that boost energy. Yes, I KNOW the corgi pet has +8 energy, but that's not an ability, that's part of the pet itself and can NOT be trained onto other pets

3) maycast sprite swarm

4) maycast pet attack (similar to a wand spell), that's a sun spell. Why sun spell? Because we can't learn sun spells and thus it wont use our blades/traps (except universal ones) limiting the damage to our strategies.

5) a pet attack, that is a "last ditch effort" type of spell. For example, a Phoenix pet would immolate itself and heal all allies (or maybe just the caster). Now, in order to keep this in check, and not be outrageously overpowered, it can ONLY be cast once per day (so it would get its own timer), and uses up the maximum BASE ENERGY for whatever level you are. Also, it should be PvE only because that could be way too damaging to PvP

6) I'd love to see the link/powerlink healing become a possibility, however, because they're also attacking spells, that would be kind of tricky

those are just some thoughts

Aug 25, 2013
Upon further thought, it occurs to me that I am rather fond of many of my pet builds, as they are. Tri-damage, quad resist, etc...

What if we just added another tier or two for Megas and allowed us to train for the "selfish" abilities that boost stats? Intelligence, Strength, Power, etc...

Now that I have the build I would like without one of those stats potentially "getting in the way" of an attack build or resist or heal build, etc... I wouldn't mind boosting my Attk+6 to Attk +9.

May 01, 2010
This was a fun question to think about. I liked it c:
After thinking for a little while, I came up with a few ideas:
1. May-cast absorb
2. May-cast feint
3. May-cast elemental/spirit blades
4. Elemental/Spirit giver, where it would add +6% damage to storm, ice, and fire, or +6% to myth, life, and death
5. The ability to add one pip, similar to how certain wands and decks can add one pip/power pip to your wizard's pip count at the start of a battle.

Jun 08, 2011
Ravenwood is a school, so why not some school-themed powers?

"Curse of Excessive & Unreasonable Homework"
Assigns all enemies a 30,000 page essay, due Monday. Game mechanic result equal to several turns of not gaining new pips at all.

Jan 02, 2011
I don't want a new talent for my pet. I want the ability to pet my pet when I'm at home. And play with it. Toss a ball, brush it, stuff like that.

Jan 02, 2011
Chacoal on Apr 11, 2015 wrote:
May cast Bladestorm.
I think that would be an interesting choice.
there are already pets that do that.

Sep 26, 2012
Prince of Shadows on Apr 12, 2015 wrote:
Starting shadow pip (given automatically at baby) and/or shadow pip % boost talent (Shadow Pip O' Plenty? Plenty O' Shadow?". but this would have to be level restricted somehow, like can only be equipped by level 100 and up wizards, or else shadow features made inactive until the player unlocks shadow magic via the quest. Pets that look like shadow creatures would be awesome.

BUT before working on anything new, please:

1- change pet cards visually so we can distinguish them from item cards. This is very important for stacking, especially for team play in the new dungeons.

2- fix derby glitches - 3rd lap, enfeeblement, speed hacking with 3rd party software

oh yeah, I forgot about that important part : fixing/improving pets first, lol
nice call Prince of Shadows (as usual in your posts ;+)

I don't do Derby yet but yeah, another color to distinguish pet cards from gear cards would be very handy!

also there is something odd, probably an oversight :
back in the days there was the Pip Boost talent and it was changed to Pip'O'Plenty (I still don't undertand why by the way because it's the same talent) and to eradicate Pip Boost from all the lines a script was added :
- if a Pip Boost pet is hatched and the talent stays in offspring, it's automatically transformed into Pip'O'Plenty
so far so good, like I said I don't understand why but whatever, it was in the beginning of improved pets and KingsIsle was still doing adjustments

but recently, Pip Boost came back in some pools : First Mate Otter, Firestorm Quetzal, Harrowed Bones, etc
I thought the aim was to let us play with a double talent from now on to get more Pip chances with both Pip Boost and Pip'O'Plenty

but the script is still active, Pip Boost disappears after the first hatch to transform itself into Pip'O'Plenty
so if it's delibarate, I really don't understand why Pip Boost was added in recent pets

window.onbeforeunload = function() {}

Sep 26, 2012
also, I know it's not relevant with a talent post but I can't help it, I have to ask it again, eh, eh :
more pet names in the Dye Shop, pretty please?
please, please, please! ;+D

there are lots of new awesome pets every year we HAVE to get and improve but still no new choices among names

also, I liked what I read here, especially the team talent idea :
I would love to set 2 pets acting together, I don't know how, maybe like the cat bosses cheat in the last dungeon of Barkingham when they say "I follow your lead" and then a pet with Team Talent would have a chance to copycat the actions of team mates pets

for example :
a pet casts Fairy, then the Team Talent pet says "I follow your lead" (or just dance, eh, eh) and casts a Fairy too

window.onbeforeunload = function() {}

Dec 19, 2010
I would like if my pet could do shadow shields

Mar 27, 2011
Some of these ideas are really OP, but I like more shadow pip % and may cast sprite swarm. Those should be added. How about Shadow Ward?

I'm against selling talents, but being able to "untrain" a learned one would be nice. That's fair, since anyone who put in the work could get it. Just train down the same EXP to the last level and it locks out the last learned talent. Then train up again and you get what ever would be after that.

You'd still be hatching to get the talents, and training to unlock AND lock them, so KI wouldn't lose any business, and players would still all have the same chance. It would just make fails hurt less.