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Feedback Friday - 08-13-10

Jun 20, 2009
nathanalkurdi1 wrote:
well as a fire grand master I would battle my own teacher(Professor Falmea).
Since i have so many ice treasure cards i would be able to beat her but i only have beaten monsters with at least 9,000 health. I think i would be able to beat her. And if i can vote two times i would pick merle anyways i think he's balance cause i saw a balance sign when he teleports from the tutorial.... :O :?
Nathan Goldenshield - Fire Gran
lol i wish i can beat all the teachers that would be cool :P because i am only lvl 44 storm all most lvl 45 oh and people call me weak lol

Fiona windwhisper
lvl 44 storm

Jun 20, 2009
Well i say we beat ambrose so we get to the new world but we can't but it would be soooo cool :P if people did then we would not have to do the warehouse, warehouse is hard my sister said oh and i lost my best friend
.P.S. people may know me :P
By. Fiona windwhisper

Jun 03, 2009
Since I have six grandmasters of course each of them would love to face their own teachers. Poor prof Drake has taken enough of a beating from me I love when he says stand your ground LOL

May 17, 2010
Haha. This was a great question. It took me a while to decide. I would actually like to fight Professor Balestrom! I would like to fight him because he has low health which gives me the advantage, but he has extremely strong attacks, which gives him the advantage! So I would think fighting Professor Balestrom would be quite the challenge!

Also, can you guys please give an update on Celestia? Everyone I know on W101 is going crazy about it! Thank you! :D

Andrew Emeraldblood - Grandmaster Life Wizard

Jan 10, 2010
Sep 01, 2009
Feb 03, 2009
i would definately fight merle. i would probably lose, but it would be fun. :)

Nov 01, 2008
merle ambrose would be the man to beat oh yea i heard at one time you were able to battle him that would be fly

Mar 14, 2010
You! I've always wanted to duel my teacher.
Maybe you could have a quest that requires you to defeat your teacher to get a new spell.


Falmea-"Welcome back. I have something new to teach you today, but first
you must prove yourself worthy. Meet me in the Fire Tower."

Falmea-"To prove yourself worthy of this spell, you must show skill and strategy. To battle!"

New Goal-Defeat Prof. Falmea.

Falmea (After Defeat)-"You did well, young wizard. Here is your reward"

Falmea-Fire,Rank 10 boss, 10,050 health
Casts:Helephant, fireblade, fire trap, wyldfyre, Phoenix, Ice shield, Colosseus, and Meteor Strike.

Reward-2790 XP, 288 gold, a robe, a hat, and a new spell.

Spell-Flame Blaze-Does 700-777 damage. It is a forest fire, and it surges toward the target.

Robe-Falmea's robe of Flame-gives 3% power pip chance, 350 health, and 100 mana.

Hat-Falmea's Ignited hat-gives 375 health, 50 mana.

You get this quest at level 57 (when you increase the level capacity)

The reward probably also need adjusting.

Mar 28, 2009
nlhf1995 wrote:
Professor Greyrose is so small and kind in the classroom but I bet her skills in battle are unimaginable.

~Nora Ravenward, Warlord, Level 50 Ice

That is true bout the kindness and I bet she is amazing at dueling so I agree Nora

-Jessica Ice level 50 Ice

Jan 08, 2010
i say roland silverheart because he is like the ultimate warlord. i'd like to see what school he is and see him try to beat my warloed storm. :)

Apr 11, 2010
Ambrose122 wrote:
i say roland silverheart because he is like the ultimate warlord. i'd like to see what school he is and see him try to beat my warloed storm. :)

Right outside the arena right?
Given his gear, he is either one of these three:
Fire, balance, death...
But of those three I feel strongly he would be balance.