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Crown Outfits

Mar 03, 2009
As a long time player, when I started you changed the outfits that you could purchase with crowns. I know for the passed mths you have been working on new fitures for the game from grizzle to bazarr etc. You had some good stuff come through the school. Seems now the the uniforms are getting old and need a new addition.
Any ideas on when there will be new items and outfits to purchase with crowns, or are these the ones that are you going to stick with?
Reason I ask is right before I turned lvl 25 on my first charecter there was a hat with jment and lvl25 had supperb stats that some would argue today is better then that of 45. Anyways, I waited for the change usually was biweekly. And it never came. Was wondering if you still planning to incorperate that or not?
Please resond