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Worst mount

Jan 15, 2014
Wizard101 has had some awesome mounts for sure. The road warrior chopper is great and I love the celestial wolf. There are tons of other awesome mounts too. Sometimes I think they missed the mark and made some mounts that just aren't good, and look silly. I want to know what you think are some not good mounts in this game and I'll tell you what I think.

The snowboard mounts because they just look so plain and don't even have foot holders. You just look completely still on them and I was expecting a lot more movement.

The wuffalump because what on Earth were they thinking? It looks like an aquatic elephant and just has nothing special about it

The clown car because I know this is a joke, but the car just looks so boring and doesn't have much clown feel. I was hoping the first 4 person mount would be so much cooler

The hippogriff because it's just so weird it's funny. I get the play on words but it could've at least looked a little bit cooler. Would've made a great April fools mount

The manta ray because a manta ray has huge fins and move so cool. The mount could've had huge beautiful fins that moved cool and bubbles coming out of the mouth. The manta ray mount I think is just so disappointing, it has no character or movement and was not what I thought a manta ray mount should be like.

This last one is a fantastic mount but terrible at the same time. The slowpoke sloth! I love this mount because it's trying to be bad on purpose. Perfect April fools mount for sure

Aug 24, 2017
I tend to dislike really big mounts (like dragons/birds) because their wings clip through walls, and it bothers me even If it doesn't affect gameplay.

Aug 03, 2016
Interesting topic.

I agree about the snowboard mounts. I don't care about it not having foot holds because it's a magical world, so our wizards are just extra talented at staying on.

But the design on top. It seems like a low res image, and is way too big. It is almost like a low quality jpg was slapped on top without much effort. Since the shape was so simple, I expected a much nicer design to each one. The images didn't even really fit so they were not even resized. How quickly were those made? I think they should be redone frankly.

The flying carpets are almost as plain. I think the design on those could also be a lot better. Something much cooler and more unique to each school. More different. It is almost like each one was just recolored with school colors.

It can't all be amazing but I agree with you on the above.

The huffalump and hippogriff are great and I love that they made mounts with those tiny sizes.
I haven't seen the clown car anywhere, yet. I hope we can dye it. I love that they are offering a mount that seats more than two wizards.

The manta ray is cool and it glides well.
I'd like if they redid the animation on: The giant rabbits. Their animation is like a spring and when they run they are not graceful and don't extend their legs like jackrabbits do.

I'd like if they redid the animation on: The horses. Other than the see through unicorn, most of the horses (the white unicorn, and the chunkier looking horses) all have animations that annoy me a bit. The wizard isn't seated in the center of the saddle and the movement isn't smooth or lifelike at all.

The jousting destrier animation is really good though.

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Usually the larger ones I just have a problem with..

Being too large is just one of the issues. In most instances, you can't even see where your wizard is going.

Aug 03, 2015
Love this thread but oh dear KI have added some really awful mounts over the years, heres my list...

Mystic Skiff-

This mount really was a let down. The mystic fishing bundle really is my least favorite bundle in general but the mount sinks it. It's so big and ugly and has very little detail. Real shame it was, luckily the new farm able pirate ship mount saved the boat mount's reputation. Yuck mount, 1/10


The bike mount does remind me of the earliest bike in the 1800's and shows some history but as far as mount worthy I have to give this mount a 2/10. I'm not a big fan of vehicle mounts (no disrespect to road warriors chopper and midnight rider) and this mount gives an example of one of the worst vehicle mounts. Bad design and animation.

Creepy clown car-

This mount disappointing me. History was made a few days ago with the 1st 4 person mount but that title lost all meaning as the clown car decided to make it's way into the game. Why do I hate it? a couple reasons why being 1: The size of the car is awful and could be bigger. It's like the car was cursed and was reduced size by 10x it's original height. 2: You can't even see the wizards. Like why not add a clear window? face it, the only thing keeping this mount on it's toes is the title (wizard101's first 4 person mount). 4/10

Gloomthorn vine/Bat swarm-

One thing people like about pack mounts is the difficulty it takes to get it, people want to feel lucky riding an awesome mount which isn't easy to get but these 2 mounts are easy to get and they are terrible. Bat swarm, you can't even see the wizard so no more to say, Vine was a mistake. If you didn't like the tanglewood vine then you con't like this mount. Sure the vine has a little more detail but the animation was real bad and I was real disappointing but the looks. 4/10

Destrider mount-

The grand tourney gauntlet yet again was a bomber for me, the mount that came with it was terrible, it was ugly, don't even get me started on the gear2/10

Aug 03, 2016
Enjoying reading everyone's posts. Amazing how subjective this type of thing really is.

Trigon you gave very good reasons and it makes sense but you named some of my favorite ones as your least favorites. I just wanted to say how I feel about each one. This isn't to argue but I find it fascinating how we all differ.

(The thing about subjectivity is no one really is 'right' or 'wrong' it's just how they feel.)

I liked Mystic Skiff although I rarely use it. I got a kick out of it for a while. It was my first two person mount, and it was so much fun sitting in it on top of a lake or ice and pretending we were really rowing a boat. Lol

I looove the penny farthing bicycle. I was so happy they let us buy that in a throwback sale. The animation is so smooth and I find it so relaxing the way it dips side to side as the person pedals.

Clown car, I haven't gotten yet but I keep dropping hints! We don't get to Game Stop very often at all. But I love that they listened when some of us asked for multi player mounts. And I love that it is small unlike most two person mounts. That's very encouraging, to me.

The huge vines - Gloomthorn and the green one. I agree with you, 'nuf said. But I will add those look amazing if you just put them on your land. Try it maybe -- the green vine goes great at the island getaway rolling around like it escaped from the wild. The Glooomthorn I intend to put at Darkmoor Manor but closer to Halloween. I only have temp mounts in that one.

Destrier mount - I love that one although it took a while to remember the name of it, when trying to find it in my mounts list in the backpack. I have now put many mounts on land so my backpack is a little less crammed. But the animation is great and it's not so wide on those narrow sidewalks as some mounts are.

I really wish they'd redo the seating and animation for all the other horses, the white unicorn and the rabbits. I've said that but I'm hoping they do.

Thank you KI for being open to our feedback.

Aug 03, 2016
A clown car at the circus was so called because it was a tiny car (like the mini cars at a Shriner parade) but yet multiple people piled out of it. That's what made the audience laugh. The "people" who piled out of the car were of course all dressed as clowns. But it's not supposed to be realistic at all.

Just in case that is helpful info.

Aug 03, 2015
SparkleTude on Oct 27, 2017 wrote:
A clown car at the circus was so called because it was a tiny car (like the mini cars at a Shriner parade) but yet multiple people piled out of it. That's what made the audience laugh. The "people" who piled out of the car were of course all dressed as clowns. But it's not supposed to be realistic at all.

Just in case that is helpful info.
I looked at it from a certain point of view looking at this point I understand now. I have more nominations for my least favorite mounts....

Chartiy Bah Humbug

Oh dear this mount was a disaster. I am a fan of the charity mounts but this mount is so big and ugly, I just don't know how to describe it and I really think it is the worst charity mount out there. It had potential and judging by the facial details, it would look good as an ordinary scorpion but with a Christmas touch it was terrible. 3/10


This mount is a useless mount in my opinion . The winter glide skates are a good mount and they are like the roller-blades but the roller-blades don't look good. They look a bit ugly and expensive for a small mount. Really disappointing by this mount, I never see people ride it. 1/10

Arcane Mine cart

Talk about big, ugly and bad animation, when I looked at the arcane's builders bundle, I liked it. The house is good, the pet is good, the hammer is OK (for stitching) but the gear and mount are terrible. The mount is big and weird and doesn't feel like your controlling it. Instead your hunched in the back behind 2 awful minion. 4/10

Magic carpet mount

Although it comes from a classic bundle, i'm just not a big fan of carpet mounts. If I was reviewing it a few years ago I would like it as it would be the only carpet in game (apart from Merle's holiday rug) but since Mirage came out, a lot more carpets came out really over shadowing the carpet and like I said, i'm not a fan of carpet mounts. 5/10.

The Krin mounts

Although the mount is rare to find now and some people like it, I personally don't. Another case where other mounts overshadow other mounts in this case the Wyverns (being similar color) it just reminds me of a simple unicorn and kinda has the body of one. They are farm able but in general, I don't like the design. 4/10

Mar 16, 2012
Aug 03, 2016
I have never seen the charity bah humbug mount, I don't think? I don't remember it.

I have never seen anyone in the mine cart mount either. I can picture what it must look like, since I have the jewel mine. It's a good investment (the bundle that comes with the mine or the mine itself), because you get a ton of reagents and such every day if you click the mine. If you don't craft, it still looks really nice on land. The cart is kind of small. I don't know what the animation on the mount is like, haven't seen it in the game.

I like the rollerblades and all of the skates. I actually did not know those were in the crown shop and got a pair thanks to this topic.

Kirin mount - I won the blue one as a permanent mount and it is my current favorite. I love that it is kind of odd looking and ancient looking and smaller than the usual horse mounts. I think I like the blue better than the gold, so I was very happy to win it.

I would really like to win the Pegasus skeleton horse mount and the Midnight Owl. I saw the owl the other day and it's incredible, the animation and the art both. I won a few one-day versions, but, not the mount.

I wish the game would let us sell crown items for more gold when we get multiples of them trying to win a coveted mount from a pack.

Oh and the magic carpet mounts, yes they are a little plain but, there might be people who like those...they are also a bit cheaper than some other mounts, which is good.

The ghulture mount - it's kind of funny and there are times I'm in the mood for it. I won a few of those oddly enough.

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
I'd love to see them bring back a few charity mounts or at least introduce it. I'd definitely buy it just in support.