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Why did you start playing wizard101?

Jan 27, 2010
Oh and I also like wiz101 because whilst it isn't as cartoonish as Toontown it's doesn't seem to be as hardcore as WoW

Jul 05, 2014
I started playing like 3 years ago. My friends and I were making a wizard club and then my friend told me about wizard101 and I thought it sounded fun! So I looked it up, it looked amazing so I made a account except it was harder to play because at the time they didn't accept macs so after a bit of a while I stopped playing but now I am playing again! :)

Apr 20, 2012
I started wizard 101 about a year ago because of the commercials since i am a hp fan. but any way 4 years ago i asked my uncle if this would be a legit game since it was free to play and he said no it probably would hack me.... so 3 years later i saw a commercial and risked it for the biscuit. lol. i ended up loving it!

Jul 18, 2010
One day in July me and my friend were really bored and we were talking on the phone. We used to play pixie hollow at that time and we were into online games so she said "Hey, did you ever hear of Wizard101? It's really fun I'm playing it now." I never heard of it so I decided to download it and give it a try. It was super fun! Unfortunately my friends computer broke and she got a Mac so she didn't download Wizard101 again, and I maxed out to like level 9 and strived to make it to 10.... And quit because you needed membership. Anyway my friend couldn't play so I guessed that's another reason I quit. Years later I discovered the game again and decided hey why not hmm maybe I'll pay membership. So here I am today, totally addicted Even thou my friend doesn't play anymore I still am playing and it's so fun

Nov 16, 2012
Oct 07, 2011
My little sister clicked on a Wizard101 ad, and I was like, "Noooo, we'll get viruses!". But her being stubborn as she is, she made an account. She was in the middle of a battle when she went to have dinner, and I tried to finish it, but I didn't actually know what I was doing. I liked the battle system, so I made an account and became addicted. Now, she's level 20, and I'm level 83 (Serious reversal). Wizard101 has taken up a lot of my time, but weirdly enough, I met some of my best IRL friends on Wizard101. When we're at school we sit at a table and talk about questing (Hurhur, dorky).

So, long story short, it's because of my sister. ♥

Mar 10, 2009
I started playing because of a neighborly grandmother.
She had started playing to help her grandson play, who could not read well yet, and she got totally hooked. She begged me to start playing so she could have a questing partner as she had passed up her grandson two worlds ago lol. I finally relented to do her a favor and the rest is history.
We would gather with friends at her house and have Wizzy parties and sit around the living room playing and eating yummy snacks as we laughed and played. She stopped playing years ago and I haven't quit yet. I am also an avid Pirate too and my life has expanded as I was lovingly enveloped by the community on both boards and twitter. May the Spiral never cease to turn.

Nov 11, 2012
My brother would play Wizard101 and he introduced me to it. I also say the commercials and thought it looked fun! Once I started playing I couldn't stop !

Jun 18, 2013
Well, My Daughter has been playing this game for about 3 years and has begged and begged me to play it and I always thought Naaaa... I'm more of a FPS Gamer.. Then one day I thought OK I'll see what all her raving is about and Downloaded it... Needless to say I have been playing it myself now for about 1 1/2 years now and I'm addicted to it..

I also have my Girlfriend addicted to it as well even though she's a little aggravated with it right now.. She's been farming Nightshade for days now trying to get the Ghost Dragon Pet without success.. It kind of makes me feel bad too because I've already got three of them.