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Which World is Your Favorite?

Oct 21, 2010
I'm Torn Between Avalon and Mooshu. I Them Both.
They're both beautifully created worlds with storylines I can actually understand, and some of my favorite characters They're both also not to hard, but not to easy.

Julia DragonLeaf-Level 87 Ice

Magan DragonLeaf-Level 27 Storm

"The Best Things In Life Are Free, But Wizard101 Begs To Differ!"

Jul 18, 2009
Wintertusk is my favorite by far, the artwork is so nice, the enemies are interesting and the fact that I finally can pin a face to the narrator just really tied the world up for me. Mooshu and Avalon are close picks though.

May 06, 2009
I have to say these are my top 10 favs:

1. Wintertusk then Grizzlehiem- (Wintertusk) That music is awesome!!!! Nick Jonas YOU ROCK!!! And I love how the areas slowly get colder. (Grizzlehiem) I like the cold, the forest, and again the story. But mostly you can't beat that view!

2. Krokotopia- When I take my players through that world, I'm just in love with the story and the jokes and the dialogue just everything!

3. Azteca- I've literally gone all Aztec since it's arrival. I think nothing but the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas now. I even look up Aztec foods and recipes to try. Very soon, I'm planning to make Avocado Milkshakes! It's actual real thing

4. Zafaria- the Savanah. 'nough said.

5. Avalon- I like the visuals. I like the story. I wish they had Squirels though. Boo...

6. Candy World- though it has not been released, the picture in my head is so colorful and all the possible references I mean I'm just bursting with thoughts!

7. Gobblerton- Again not released but I think it is similar to Colossus Boulevard. I will not enjoy more Gobber rears to the face but I do wish to see more of the Gobbler home land.

8. Mirage- Another "yet to come." I've been speculating this world for some time, and honestly I just want to see it already! The Mega Bundle will not be good enough!

9. Empyrea and Yago- This world is hard for me to picture as it's a Sky world maybe even Heaven influenced. Either way I can't make a good picture but I see clouds, stars, and lots of blues, golds, and whites.

10. El Dorado- Hey you didn't say they had to be from Wizard101! Lol. The reason I like this unreleased world is because it's so mysterious. It's lost and I want to understand, as a Pirate, what lies there. As well as how much gold me and my crew can stuff in our pockets lol. I will await it's arrival to Pirate101 (sorry young wizards. Marco Pollo has instructed Merle Ambrose to never allow us to this world. It's hidding a dangerous power)

Feb 07, 2011
I'm with Ravenlady~ I'm a Dragonspyrian at heart, though I also love Avalon to bits.

Mrs. Mally the Undying, promethean sorceress & necromancer

May 22, 2009
Mooshu is my favorite but azteca runs a very close second.

Hannah Lifebringer level 90 Life

Feb 05, 2013
I like Mooshu and Avalon. I can only get to Avalon through my tapestry, but it's pretty

Jan 22, 2012
I think my favourite world has to be Wysteria :) I just love it!
Marleybone is great too, and Wintertusk.

Apr 28, 2012
RavenLady777 on Apr 18, 2013 wrote:
Dragonspyre has got to be my all-time favorite world.
I would love to see Avalon (I'm guessing visually that would be my fav), but doubt I'll ever get there.
I thought you were a Promethean?

Apr 08, 2009
My least favorite world was Marleybone....Getting pulled into battles was very annoying.

My Favorite world was Mooshu. The scenery was very nice. The world was very calming and peaceful.