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What's your favourite world?

Mar 20, 2011
My highest wizard is level 45, And my favorite worlds are Krokotopia and MooShu. I hate Marleybone since it took forever to navigate the streets without getting in a battle. So ranked by difficulty it would be
1. MooShu
2. Krokotopia
3. Wysteria
However, ranked by story and the world's visuals, it would be:
1. Grizzleheim
2. Marleybone
3. Krokotopia and MooShu

-Wizards Flint Ravenblood 45
Wolf Ravenblood 25

Jun 08, 2015
I have to put it out there that I have always wanted to visit England, and that is why I absolutely love the world of Marleybone. I am a massive fan of the designs of the houses that line the streets and best of all, I love the look of Barkingham Palace.

Sep 15, 2015
I like different worlds for different things! For example I might like the look but hate the plot or something! It's so hard to choose one favorite so here's my favorite and least favorite thing about each world:

Wizard city:
Good- it's the first world it's where our adventure started!!!
Bad- it doesn't have a special look to it and then it's more just like ga starting place and not a real world

Good- it's fun bc it's your first actual world and you get to unlock things like the three islands for the elemental schools
Bad- a lot of the world just looks the same like sandy desert on the outside and a boring look inside

Good- a lot of funny references like Sherlock bones and barkingham palace
Bad- you get pulled easily and it's so colorless and looks dull

Good- the scenery is great! I love all the look including the enemies I just love how it looks!
Bad- collection quests...ugh

Good- you get to defeat malastaire which is really exciting!
Bad- it's not that interesting until you get to malastaire and the obsidian chest quest is annoying

Good- learning the astral schools and starting to crit on your spells!
Bad- it's cool that its underwater but I don't really think the world as a whole is very attractive I mean it's water with a bunch of ugly white white domes

Good- it looks great!! I love the look and specifically the library idk why lol
Bad- it's not rly that fun/exciting

That's as far as I've gotten but I've teleported to Azteca help my friend on a quest and I think it looks awesome!!! Also I'm excited for khrysalis because of shadow magic!!

-legendary sorcerer

Feb 21, 2015
I really like Azteca because I have a fascination with dinosaurs As long and annoying as this world can get sometimes, I like the enemies lol.

Least favorite though is definitely Celestia. Space, aliens, machinery, crabs, fish, island tribes, etc. most of that doesn't really appeal. Though I do have to say, the one good part of Celestia was the sun boss, she was really cool.

Sep 05, 2010
My favorite to least favorite worlds:

1. Wysteria
2. Avalon
3. Marleybone
4. Mooshu
5. Aquila
6. Zefaria
7. Krysalis
8. Four Dungeons
9. Grizzleheim & Wintertusk
10. Dragonspyre
11. Krokotopia
12. Celestia
13. Azteca
14. Wizard City

Aug 04, 2014
My favorite world is khrysalis. I love the more mature story and morganthe. She is my favorite character in this game. You gotta show hersome love

Feb 06, 2014
I think the most beautiful world is Krokotopia, the most epic world is Aquila and the best quests world is Grizzleheim. So in the end, I don't really know which one I would prefer between those three.

May 30, 2009
My favorite world has to be Celestia! I can't explain to you how much I love this world. There's something about it that just intrigues me. I always joke with my friend irl that I'm having Celestia-Withdrawals. I can't wait for my 2nd char to beat Dragonsypre so I can experience it all again!

Dec 15, 2009
My favorite world has to be Wysteria. It is so beautiful and stunning looking. The quests aren't too hard and it has other schools. I wish we could learn them though

Level 60

Nov 16, 2013
HazzaSenpai on Aug 23, 2015 wrote:
I thought about making this thread because I want to see other people's opinion on the game, yes I know this has been done before but not since 2011.
Anyway, what are your favourite worlds and why?
What do you like the most about them?

My favourite world personally is Khrysalis, I find it stunning and beautiful in it's own way (it's the most powerful place of the Spiral for goodness sake!) and I love all the insects and mice knights there.

So anyway, what is your favourite world? Let me know down below (rhyming ).
Sincerely, Alex Moonforge
celestia and polaris are both pretty cool

Mar 01, 2015
dakota dawnheart on Nov 6, 2015 wrote:
celestia and polaris are both pretty cool
i havent unlocked celestia of polaris yet but i teleport to higher leveled friends in celestia and its soooo cooooll

Sep 15, 2015
I can't choose one so I have winners in three categories:



Types of quests:

Nov 16, 2013
dakota dawnheart on Nov 6, 2015 wrote:
celestia and polaris are both pretty cool
oh and mooshu is the best

Mar 13, 2014
I would have to say my favorite world is either Marylebone or Avalon. A lot of people probably think I am crazy for liking Marylebone, but I just like the streets and the city theme and the energy. I can't say I like the rats though...