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Unwanted people entering your battle

May 15, 2010
crazygirl404 wrote:
Rizzy07 wrote:
I've been getting pretty irritated lately when you are solo playing on quests such as deafeat five monsters, when a unexperienced player enters the battle and goes afk, or uses a reduce targets threat and makes them attack you, or takes your storm converts away buy using a tempest without a gargantuan or collosus. It gets worst when they say," Blade me, i kill ", or say, " Heal me, im dying ". and you are stuck with t he extra monster they allowed to enter the battle. Could there be a option to not allow players you dont want to enter, such as the person wanting to enter runs into the circle and a button comes on the person saying allow person to join? Kinda like a friend request you know?
Go to your spell book go to options and search through it you just might find something that could stop telporting or comming in your battles. :D
Nope, I only find the teleporting one.

May 15, 2010
kjkazinski wrote:
I would not want to limit the places can port to. My daughter is only 5 and she likes to play with her brother and I at the same time. She has a level 10 character and spends most of her time looking at houses when we are not playing.

By not allowing her to port to where we are would not make her feel like she is a part of things.
I know lots of lower aged kids play. But I just have to say this: IT IS A 10+ GAME.

Dec 21, 2009
May 19, 2012
I agree wholeheartedly. I have actually taken to declining all friends requests that come in from people I have not battled and conversed with. Anyone that teleports to me without first asking immediately gets taken off my friends list. Anyone who texts me demanding that I port to them also gets removed immediately from my friends list. I figure eventually I will end up with a decent friends list of people who are courteous and polite.

There isn't anything I can do about people jumping in my battle uninvited and fleeing, leaving me with more monsters to battle, but when someone jumps in uninvited and stays...I wait to see if they are going to participate in the battle or just stand there and go afk. If the spell they selected pops up and I can see that they are participating, no problem. Sometimes it doesn't show me if they selected a spell, in which case I might pass for a round, and if I see they actually cast a spell, great. I'll even give them the benefit of the doubt for a round or two if they pass or cast a wand if it takes them a while to choose, as maybe they have to discard some cards until they get something useful to use.

If they just stand there and go afk, I wait until the new monster that came in is attacking them...finish off the monster I'm fighting, then sit there in the battle and watch the monster trounce them. Fortunately I haven't had this happen too often. I figure hey, they jumped in my battle, why should I leave, and lose my hard earned experience? Let them pay the price instead. If they jump in with low health and expect me to heal them, forget it. They should not have jumped into battle with low health.

I don't mind people jumping in if they are on a quest that requires the same monsters I am battling, but they better pitch in and help. I'm not going to do their work for them.

Jan 23, 2011
I always hate it when mute people of lower levels or people who are only in Marleybone always ask for the help of higher leveled friends. I have a few mute friends (I try to keep them low so that I can at least know where they are battling at, or tell them where I am) who are in Celestia. In the Floating Land one of my mute friends asked for help. I was in the middle of a dungeon, and they kept saying, "Help!" but I couldn't tell them I am in a dungeon. I also hate it when they ask for help just for mob battles in low worlds suck as Krok, (although I don't have any friends in Krok) or in Celestia they ask for help, and just when you leave, they ask for more help, and more and more and more, and they never realize that you might have your own quests you were doing! I might as well be doing the Waterworks, when a mute friend in Celestia asks for help, or in a dungeon with a mute player, and they ask for help, or mess up a plan. The other day in the Waterworks, there was a mute player. We were going along, we had already decided who was doing the puzzles. Then the mute goes up to the puzzle, and messes it up, making us have to battle eels. I was also helping a friend in Big Ben and a level 7 balance ported to a friend of my friend, and ported inside. He kept shielding himself with elemental shield, and no body else, and kept attacking the people with his amulet spell version of troll, on a myth guy. I was about to humongofrog gargantuan them, when I fizzled, and he used my prism on the myth guy, not killing him, I was furious. When we got to Spike, I told my friends not to knock over the last milk bottle. The mute had been afk for almost ten minutes. When we finally got over to the battle, he came back to the keyboard, and knocked over the last milk bottle. If you don't knock over the last bottle of milk, and go to the next floor, the minions are there, right when we got to the minions, a milisecond before we started the battle, the mute knocked over the bottle, and we had to battle Spike and his minions. (It was easy with my basilisks and medusas) When we got to Meowarty, he used a troll on Meowiarty, right when I was one pip away from Medusaing him, and he used my prism. I had limited my deck to one blade, spirit blade, trap, feint and prism, so right when I was about to use it, all of it gone, Meowiarty still there, Agony killed my friend's friend, Meowiarty killed my friend, the mute was killed by the minion, and I was left, with no spells, so we had to do it all over again. He was unwanted, and entered my battle.

Mar 07, 2011
If you don't want friends to port to you in battle,just change your private settings.If other people is entering,just say "Please don't enter this battle"

Marissa Deathbringer, level 48 Necromancer

May 19, 2012
I keep my chat hidden so if someone who doesn't have text capabilities messages me I have no way of answering them when I am in battle. I don't like having things on my screen that are unnecessary and I see these chat icons as being unecessary. Therefore, the players simply don't get answered. Oh well.

In your case, hjjhii77, as soon as the first battle was over that the uninvited person joined, they would be both removed from my friends list and put on ignore, and I would just let them get defeated. They might run back, but then they have to find you again and hope they get to you safely, since they would not be able to port to you. Therefore, they might just decide not to come back after all. I simply do not put up with people porting into my fight, especially when they are much lower level than the monsters I am fighting. I think it just plain rude when people jump into a fight without asking first, since it can be the difference between your success or failure.

I don't mind helping people out, but I will not help them with regular monsters, only boss fights. If they can't solo the monsters, then they need to go somewhere where they can, as they are obviously in a zone that is too high for them. If they need the monsters for a quest, then I don't have a problem with them joining in, but only if they intend to help and are not close to being dead and expecting heals. Personally, I have no problem even soloing boss fights on my life wizard, though my storm wizard has difficulties with this, but I am still willing to help with boss fights since I know they tend to be more difficult than your normal run of the mill monsters.

Aug 30, 2011
normaly i dont really mind other players getting into my duels, since a lot of them know how to buff and attack, or are a higher level. but what is really irriating is when a underleveled or unexperinced person joins. they just kind of stand there and/or waste your feints and buffs, and some even flee so i get left with an extra monster to fight. a battle-lock sounds good although it might be a little inconvient

Jul 10, 2011
thejordanator wrote:
Just have a teleport requestor suggested so many times with

allow talon talon level 32 life to port to you

and you click yes or no :D
Yes this is off topic but I've seen a person named "Talon Talon" life in bartleby spiral portal before. Send me friend request i'll be in dragonspyre Atheneum Unicorn realm

Wolf SilverSpear
Master Pyromancer, Level 45
Sword Saint

Feb 08, 2009
Muztown wrote:
I'm not overly fussed if unwanted people join my battles. I'm more annoyed at how rude they can be. I'm more than happy to help other people but a lot of the time people take that help for granted.
For example, just this morning I had a person join my battle, which I didn't really mind. However, when the first thing they said was "Heal me", I thought it was a little strange. So taking a quick glance at their health I saw that they had entered with only 300 health left (keeping in mind I'm a level 62 Necromancer, questing in Celestia). Now I would never join a fight without

a) first asking
b) having only 300 health remaining

Having already started the battle (and being death with Scarecrow spell) I didn't have any heals in my deck as I just use Scarecrow. I told him I couldn't heal him and that I was sorry and he just started demanding that I heal him. I explained why I couldn't and still he kept demanding. To top it all off he reported me as well!

I was so furious about the situation that I had to stop playing (only for a couple of hours mind you).

Sorry, but I just really needed to vent my frustrations!

I hope this hasn't happened to anyone else here (or that anyone here is a culprit of such stupidity)


A similar thing has happened to me too. When I was a lvl 55 wizard, a friend asked me if I could help him with a boss. (It was in Avalon) He quickly died and had to port back, only to die again. Then demanded that I heal him, when I had about 300 health left. He got angry when I healed myself even after I explained that I had no way to heal him. (I'm a Myth wizard). Sometimes people just need to understand that my health is my first priority.

Keira SilverThief- lvl 68 myth wizard

Apr 10, 2010
Yes this does sort of annoy me in PvE whenever I'm leveling through a new world or one of my low levels just wants to be alone. It would be nice if you could bar people from joining a fight without you permission (say if you were the first to join a battle you'd have a little sidebar/control panel that would allow you to open and close spots in the duel circle).

Jul 15, 2009
I am another player complaining about unwanted people entering my battles. If they stay & fight that is ok, but to enter when I am at the end of the battle & flee leaving me another villian to battle upsets me. Please KL do something so we can keep unwanted people out of our battles.