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The Eye of History. Where'd it go?????

Dec 09, 2010
So when I went back with a new wizard I created I realised something. Whatever happened to Bartleby's Eye of History? Ambrose tells us that the Eye of History is stolen by Malistaire and that's the end of it. Why didn't we find it when we defeated Malistaire? Are Kingsisle hoping to make a new story line around Morganthe with the Eye of History? Some answers would be nice because this is driving me insane

Sep 11, 2010
That's a really good question. I don't think we ever even found out what Malistaire was going to USE it for, other than "distract Bartleby"...

Would actually be all kinds of awesome to see parts from Malistaire's arc start showing up in the newer worlds - some kind of aftermath of everything he did, rather than keeping everything as it is now. Where Malistaire has been defeated, and that's that: Nothing more is mentioned, congratulations, now go beat up Morganthe instead.

I'd love to see the worlds of the Spiral become more interlinked, such as having a few new quest lines in Krokotopia (perhaps re-visiting old bosses and have them scream in fear and terror when a Transcended Wizard pops in for questions?) or otherwise having to return to older areas. I mean, how many of you guys have been in Firecat Alley or Hyde Park on your own after you were done with your quests?