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Test Realm questions....

Feb 18, 2009
Hello Professors and fellow students,
I have a few questions that I'm hoping all of you can help answer for me. I am a bit confused on how the Test Realms work. I see pictures of those of you who have helped in the Test Realms but yet when I go into the Test Realms (when they are open), I don't see a single fellow student. I see all the characters of the game but not one other soul around. Am I in the wrong Test Realm?

How about these new worlds that your suppose to be seeing in these test realms? I've traveled through all of my Test Realm on my computer and I don't see anything new about it. Granite I did get to see Pat O' Gold before the real game and that Zeke was in a new spot but that was it. Nothing more was to be found. No new worlds, no new clothing, absolutely nothing.

Is there somewhere I can go to find these answers out? I don't see anything in the Guide book or on these Message Boards about them.

Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong here please?

Thanks for the help,
Hunter SilverHeart

Mar 01, 2009
In the Test Realm you only see the things they will be adding soon. I don't think they would give away the new world though. :)

Paige PeralPetal
Myth Wizard