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Storm Training Point Advice

Jun 17, 2012
I am a Level 45 Storm and I am wondering what I should use this training point on. I am fully trained in Myth and has started Fire up to Fire Elf. These are the spells I am considering.

Glacier Shield (Race to Helephant)
Infection (PVP)
Myth Dispel (Myth Guard)
Myth Shield (Myth Guard)
Unbalance (Balance Guard)

Dec 16, 2008
You just wasted so many points. I'd hate to be you in Celestia without Satyr. You don't need Earth, you will get Sirens. So the same thing. Myth sheild? Seriously? I understand the Myth dispel, for PvP. Balance dispel? You need to learn how to play storm, and buy back those precious training points.

Sep 10, 2011
If i understood your post correctly, Im not sure if its wise to train on myth in the first place. If you want full use of earthquake, you'll be casting tempest more or Storm Lord instead. At your level, the use of a wand or even a 1-pip tempest is enough to handle shields.

Storm will gain more if you train with Life school up to satyr.

R. Lionhand
F. Stardust
J. Winterbane
Brahm "finally can cast Deer Knight Spell"

Jul 10, 2009
Actually not that bad. I can actuallly understand unbalance and vaporize. Stop your enemy from weaknessing you, elementally blading, or reshuffling. The vaporize for blinding light and earthquakes.. But you need to learn satyr. Also learn ice to tower. I think you should stop at phoenix for fire. You can learn the sun mutation for phoenix and turn it into thunder bird giving 3 30% traps.