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Starting Silly Rumors

Mar 31, 2009

Once Bartleby falls, the Spiral Door in his center will lose it's connection and all Spiral Doors will cease to function, thus eliminating travel by that way.

We (the player) will not be around Wizard City to worry about the state of Bartleby (I mean, we gave him his Eye and then just ran off into the Aether Storm?) because we will be too busy helping Bat "stop" the Chains of Fire and Ice, Life and Death, Myth and Storm, and Astral Locks of Balance, Sun, Moon and Star to notice. (I mean stop, because we'll be close each time, but not quite make it in time). Spider will be pleased because he thinks he will be gaining access to his Chaos heart and Bat is undermining us under his orders, but what he does not realize is that once his Chaos Heart is unlocked that is when Bat will make his move.

Bat will call upon Grandmother Raven who will in swoop in with her armies to try and stop Bat and during the Battle Bat will take control of the Chaos Heart and his true intentions will be revealed. He will be able to control his father and be able to magnify his power through the hate that Grandfather Spider feels for him and Grandmother Raven. (Much like using a magnifying glass to burn Ants). He will then also have Moros who has completely usurped Bartleby Tip the scales in favor of the Shadow and all will be lost in a horrible night as the Shadow Web consumes and extinguishes all other magic and hope.

So beware young wizards, all of this talk of updates and remodels and tenth birthday celebrations is truly just the masked form of The End of the Spiral as we know it.


Thanks for reading-if there are typos, flaws in logic or other problems, it's because this is just a parody of a silly dramatic rumor/fan fiction that I imagine someone would write.....