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Starting battle with three power pips?

Feb 16, 2014
Ok, so I have seen a couple high level wizards that start with three power pips. I battled with a few and I see them start with three every time! I'm very confused (Not in PVP).

I read online that it's not possible and it's only for PVP.

I already tried it with the wands, and I never start out with three power pips. (Power pip chance: 78%)

If there is gear that actually let's you start with 3 power pips:

1. Where can I get one?
2. Can I craft some?
3. Where is the best place to get the recipe?

Molly ShadowHunter
Lvl. 75 Transcendent Pyromancer

Sep 17, 2012
You cannot start with 3 power pips in PvE. I'm guessing that you saw this happen when you joined a battle late. If you were standing there in the battle but missed first round, they passed or cast a 0 pip spell, when you started they had 3 power pips. But it was second round for them. The upcoming Khrysalis part 2 update has decks that add another pip, but it is a regular white pip not power.

Jun 17, 2011
As you most likely know, there are some wands that give plus one pip at the beginning of a battle. Some extremely rare wands, my brother has one, give you plus 2 pips. I am not sure about this but there might be some gear as well. Do not worry, they weren't hackers, just lucky people

Hope this helped

Jun 17, 2011
I might be wrong, but i believe the 2 pip stuff is obtainable through card packs and battle drops