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Spell Decks? need help ASAP

Feb 16, 2009
Okay so i think you get a bigger deck as you level, but i'm not to sure. can someone help me with how to get a bigger deck?

Jan 20, 2009
There are three ways to upgrade your deck, and they are exactly the same as upgrading any other piece of equipment.

1. Go to the deck shop and buy one.

2. Some decks are dropped as treasure for fighting monsters.

3. Some decks are given as quest rewards for certain quests.

Feb 07, 2009
You can either choose to buy a different deck at the shops that sell them (there is one in the Shopping District in Wizard City), or every once in a while, you may get one as a drop.

As an aside, Dragonspyre doesn't have a deck shop, and you can only get the really large decks through drops once you get to that level.

Apr 22, 2009
You either have to earn decks as a drop from a boss, a reward for a quest or you have to purchase them in one of the Shopping Districts. There is a Deck Shop in Wizard City Sopping District right near the fountain. Be aware that some decks you cannot equip until you are a certain level.

Hope this helps!

Sarai Dragonstone
Lvl 49 Ice/Storm (So close, yet so far away!)

Feb 19, 2009
There are indeed larger decks as you proceed through the game. Each world has better decks, however there are special decks that are also dropped only by bosses. Please see the world guides from the following link (copy and paste link into your browser):


Apr 25, 2009
Keep playing the game and you will find them.
Also check the deck shops