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Rejoining member

Dec 14, 2008
Hey everyone i am just rejoining wizard 101 after a "small" break(over a year). Now returning i have realized that there is a multitude of new things to do. Any advice on how I go about celestia, wysteria, and wintertusk(what order) and some explanations on criticals would be highly appreciated!

Welcome back, this is where you need to begin:


There you will see a menu that details dates and updates. Read the updates since you last played.

Sep 08, 2008
Since I like typing on my keyboard, I will reply with a few more words. :P

Celestia is a doosy.

From Dragonspyre to Celestia and Wintertusk, you seem to hit a brick wall.

Adjust your deck, include the shields, and play conservative, as opposed to aggressive. AoE attack spells are really helpful.

Some people argue whether to start with Celestia, or Wintertusk. Wintertusk is it's seperate storyline, more like a continuation of Grizzleheim. Celestia continues the story from Wizard City.

Wintertime allows you access to a new level 55 spell. Celestia will allow you access to a new level 58 spell, and the level 58 school pet.

I would say, start with Wintertusk, until level 55, so you may learn your level 55 spell. Then take a break from Wintertusk, and work on Celestia until you can finish it. Or until 58. After learning your 58 spell, you could either finish Celestia, or finish Wintertusk.

I'd say finish Wintertusk, that way you can return to Celestia, finish it, then move on straight to the newest world, Zafaria. That way, you never have to return to Wintertusk, unless you actually wanted to.

I have never actually worked on Wysteria, even after Zafaria. Wysteria is it's own little story arc, and there are no important spells and such that you get from it. However, you gain access to the Helephant tower, which I believe drops one of the most powerful daggers in the game.

Sep 11, 2010
I would recommend Wysteria -> Wintertusk (part 1) -> Celestia -> Wintertusk (part 2) -> Zafaria.

Alternatively, you could make a new wizard (if you got room), and start all over to pick up on all the little quest lines and new stuff that have snuck in here and there (like gardening, or Crab Alley)

Apr 12, 2011
if you are a grandmaster i would recommend wysteria first to maybe gain a whole one lvl then head to cl and if you hit a stuck point start wt then once finished with cl head to zf it is easier strangewly or finish wt before heading to zf your choice but ya you will need to rearrange your deck and if you plan on helephant tower or waterworks to get legendary gear good luck with that
(cheating bosses warning!!) (p.s the gear from the to places is still the best in the game for now)