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Reasons why you like Wizard101?

Jul 20, 2014
1. They care about their players

2. It's good to relieve stress

3. It's unique

4. Kid-friendly

Everything i want in a game. How about you :3

Jan 15, 2014
I can't believe nobody replied in all this time! I like (page 1 of 2000) pets, mounts, gear, spells, battles, (most of the time) houses, and the creativity of pets, bosses, mounts, and spells are just amazing!

Mar 31, 2010
I'm also surprised that there isn't more posts on this! My reasons are

-It is easy to get the hang of: Wizard101 has lots of challenging quests and dungeons, but it is great for everyone. You don't have to be an expert gamer to enjoy Wizard101!

-There are many different aspects of the game: Fishing, gardening, pets, PVP... there is something for everyone!

-It's a great stress relief: I personally find that after a long day, unwinding with some adventures in the spiral makes me feel so much better.

-It is very unique: Most fantasy games these days are all the same. The same classes, the same system, it just gets boring. Wizard101 is unique because it has card based combat, and the schools and spells are very original!

-It is for all ages: Wizard101 is one of those games that is fun to play at whatever age. I know young kids that play, and I also know adults that play (even some seniors). It is kid-friendly, but is still very interesting to older audiences.

I have many more reasons why I like Wizard101, but these are my top!

Lauren SkullCatcher Level 85

Feb 02, 2014
My reasons are:

1. turn based combat, makes it easy to multitask or to really think strategy.
2. player housing is very diverse, you can truly make it personal and yours.
3. variety of play-there's something for everyone.
4. Booster packs, they are so fun to open and nice you can get free ones via GG.
5. it's a family game safe for all and pleasing to multiple ages as well.
6. Customer support was quick and helpful the few times I've used it
7. Character schools are flexible in that you can make your own playstyle vs. some games you really get stuck in a class (like tank, healer, dps, etc.)
8. W101Central is available with tons of resources to look things up, not all games (new ones and betas) don't have that.
9. the game comes to your home, in that there is a fishing retreat, pvp circles, gauntlets, mini games etc. It's nice to never leave your player house yet be able to play the game in multiple ways.
10. Grub Guardian and KI Trivia, so the game is available when you are away from home via my smartphone is really nice. (and it keeps me hooked ;)

Feb 27, 2011
Several reasons:

Good stress relief.

It's a fun game for any age to play.

Most of the other fantasy games show blood,gore violence. I don't care for that... I like the idea that on Wizard, you don't
"kill" the enemy, you "defeat" them.

And you gotta admit, the costumes, mounts, and pets are pretty awesome!