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Question About Golem Court and Training Points

Mar 08, 2009
Hello everyone,

I recently created a second character within a different School of Magic, and I have a quick question..

I noticed after this new character reached the Golem Court area.. that Professor Lincoln was apparently not yet giving him any option of spending Crowns to buy back any previously used training points.

Do we have to be above certain level in order for this option to become available?

Or is there another quest that we have to complete first, in order to be given the training point option?

I seem to recall reading something on these forums about this, but I cannot recall what was said.

My new character is currently only level six, and he has only spent one training point. But I am curious.

Thus far it seems the only interaction that he has been able to have with Proffesor Lincoln has solely concerned the quest which involves registering that student.. (I think her name is Penny?).

But other than that, he cannot speak to the Professor.

Thank You for any information.

Feb 07, 2009
Your Supposed to spend a training point lol. If you never did, then he has nothing to say.

Mar 08, 2009

My new character did spend a training point.

I had mentioned that in my post above.

That was sort of why I had asked the question.

I was wondering why the option to buy back that one training point in question was not offered to my character.

Do you need to be a certain level in order to have the option offered to you?

Or is is there some other certain quest(s) that needs to have been done, before the Professor will give you that option?

The character in question had spent a training point, but has thus far never had the option to buy it back with Crowns.

I have another character who is a Grand Master. And that character had also only spent one training point as well, but Mr. Lincoln has always offered the option to him.

Which is why I was curious if anyone knows at what point my second character will be given that option.

In other words, what is the trigger for being offered the option to buy back training points using Crowns?

I figure it is likely ether level related, or perhaps quest related, but does anyone know for sure?

Jun 14, 2009
I noticed the same thing and I think one has to be level 10 at minimum to be able to use his services. I'm not exactly sure about the level itself (could be 8, but I don't remember exactly), but I'm almost positive one needs a minimum level before you can buy back your points.

At least, that is how I took it with a new char whos second school I wanted to change early on, but couldn't until around level 8-10 or so.

Feb 22, 2009
I am level twenty nine and even i dont have this option of getting back my training points. This seems like a great option to me and i really want to do it so if anyone has an answer for me please tell me how i do it.

When young Wizards first start out at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, they are often excited by the many different spells to spend Training Points on, such as shields and magical spells outside their school of focus. We understand that as Wizards progress, they sometimes wish they could return those spells in exchange for their Training Points back. Well now you can!

After you've reached level 12, Mr Lincoln in Golem Court will allow you to Spend Crowns to buy back all your Training Points and return all of the spells obtained with those Training Points. You can respend your new Training Points as desired.

The price in Crowns is dependent on how many training points you have spent.

Mar 08, 2009
Thank You, Gamma, for confirming this.

I was thinking that it was probably a level related issue, but it is nice to know this for sure.