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Question about Bric a Brac elixir (

May 19, 2012
Hi :)

I am Trying to find out if the Crowns bric-a-brac elixir ( allows +50 housing items in house )
can be used more than once.

Once I use it I would have 300 spaces in my house.

But I want to find out, can I use it more than once?

And if I can use it more than once. What is the limit for housing items? Is it possible to reach 500 items in one house? using bric a brac elixir 5 times to make 500 house spaces possible?

Thanks for your time and Merry Christmas :)

From our website:

The "Bric-a-Brac Elixir" is available for 995 Crowns and lets you add space for 50 more decorating items in either the interior or exterior of your house. You can use the elixir as many times as you like, up to a total of 300 decorating spaces per zone.

Jul 15, 2011
If your house can hold 250 items, you can only use it once inside and once outside. But if your house holds 150 items, you can use it 3 times, or until you reach the 300 item limit.