September 2012

Welcome to the September 2012 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This update focused mainly on 'Behind the Scenes' changes that will improve the performance of the launcher and game for all our players. There's also a new Expanded Decorating Elixir and the return of the Friend Finder.



Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scenes

Many of the changes we have made in this update are what we call 'Behind the Scenes' changes. These are updates to way the game runs, and hopefully our players will only notice a positive difference!

Expanded Decorating Elixir


Expanded Decorating Elixir

Is your Balance House barren? Is your Life House in need of more life? Do you have wonderful items taking up space in your attic because you've run out of places to put things? Well do we have a surprise for you!

Now you can purchase an elixir that will increase the number of items you can place in one area of your house!

The "Bric-a-Brac Elixir" is available for 995 Crowns and lets you add space for 50 more decorating items in either the interior or exterior of your house. You can use the elixir as many times as you like, up to a total of 300 decorating spaces per zone.

You have to use the elixir in the area that you want to increase. If you want to increase the number of decorating spaces on the interior of your house, you must be in the interior of your house when you buy the elixir, and you will need to purchase a separate elixir for the exterior of your house.

pssst...yes this works in your Dorm too!

New Elixirs

Lots of new Elixirs are available so let's clear up what does what.

Bric-a-Brac Decorating Elixir - lets you increase the number of items that can be placed in an area of your house. This potion is Crowns only as it is a permanent expansion of what is currently available to all players.

Additional Castle Space Elixir - lets you purchase a house beyond the current maximum of three per character. This potion is Crowns only as it is a permanent expansion of what is currently available to all players.

Crafting Elixir - reset all your Crafting Countdown timers. This potion is Crowns only as it shortcuts time in the game.

Hatching Elixir - hatch all the eggs you currently have in your backpack. This potion is Crowns only as it shortcuts time in the game.

Purreau's Potion #9 - This will reset your hatching timer and allow you to hatch two pets immediately. This potion is Crowns only as it shortcuts time in the game.

Cross Game FriendFinder


FriendFinder Returns!

Players can invite their current Wizard101 gaming friends to join them in Pirate101, and friends you meet in Pirate101 can meet up with you again in Wizard101.


If your friend is ONLINE with you in Wizard101 there’s an icon near their picture:


Clicking that icon will bring up this window:


If your friend is OFFLINE in Wizard101 you cannot invite them.


If you have been given a code from Pirate101, use the Friend Finder button to redeem it.
Please note…a FriendFinder code is only valid for 24 hours after the first person enters it.
As a bonus, Friend Finder can be used to meet up with new friends you've met on the Wizard101 Test Realm - generate the code in the Test Realm and redeem it in the Live Game.

Miscellaneous Updates

Miscellaneous Updates
  1. Players will now dismount when using the G shortcut to Garden in their homes
  2. Player are now able to craft Handsome Fomori spell - the Treasure Cards are now working correctly for that recipe.
  3. Dragon's Hoard pack is now rewarding higher tier items such as the Dragonrider Balance blades instead of the Crescent Axe of Astrals. (note, as always you only have a chance to receive these rewards, they are not guaranteed when you open a pack)
  4. Second Spring can now be purchased with the correct amount of gold.
  5. The Green Teleport Stone in Ravenscar will once again recognize your presence and allow you to teleport using the stone.
  6. When you use the Crafting Elixir your crafting panel will now correctly display that it has reset all your Crafting Countdown timers. Previously, while it was actually resetting them all, it was only displaying that one had been reset until you transitioned to a different zone.

Updated Items

Post Release Updates

The following items will be addressed in an update to the Live Game on October 3rd 2012.
  1. The invisible barrier in Celestia's Survey Camp has been removed and players should be able to travel down that hallway unimpeded
  2. Moonlight, Sunshine and Starshine Ponies will have their decorative spots returned, and the Black Stallion will once again go back to its normal coloration
  3. The Storm Dragon's Smoke Screen will now affect all spell types
  4. Jack Hallow's quest to defeat Baron Mordecai will no longer reward you with "Unknown Reward Number 19"
  5. Polymorph spells on the Flashing Dragon Spear will be labelled as NO-PvP
  6. The Dr. Von's Monster spell on the Royal Armor of Retribution will have a 7 pip requirement instead of a 9 pip requirement