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Mounts and Hoard packs

Aug 05, 2010
I would just like to say that wizard101 is overall very fun :-) I like both the Hoard packs and the mounts in the crown shop, although I think it would make the game a lot more fun if wizard101 just put all Mounts in the crown shop. Now don't get me wrong It feels cool to look around and see that you won a mount from one of the Hoards pack when it recently came out. like for example the other day my sister won a gold wyvern, from Wyverns hoard pack It just recently came out and it made her feel rare, now I am happy for her because at the time the Skeletal dragon mount came out from dragons hoard pack I received the skeletal dragon mount and she didn't, she tells me that she still does want the skeletal dragon mount at times when she sees me on it 8). but back to the main point it would make everyone happy, at least I hope, if all mounts where just put into the crown shop, and besides the pack can still be kept people can try it to win perhaps other rare items and still maybe the mount. but like I said before overall great game I loved the recent update having to do with Wysteria.

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