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Most annoying spell?

Jan 20, 2009
Personally I don't PVP, but in PVE, hands down the most annoying spell for me is spirit armor. When a mob suddenly has 400 more hits than normal it can really put a damper in a deck that's tuned down for farming.

Black mantle is a close second.

Oct 17, 2008
That is why ice wizards learn Steal Ward. :)

If you are having trouble with the Spirit Armors, make friends with an ice wizard. They will help and can easily steal those armors for themselves. That's what I do.

Oct 19, 2008
I think the most annoying spells are the long, not much happening spells that seem everlasting, i HATE them. They can put a spell on my fun.

Feb 25, 2009
Hmmm good question. In my opinion the most annoying is weakness. Especially when the enemy goes first. So boom you have a lot of tings to power up your attack it should be just enough maybe a little too much. Then they use weakness and you waste all your pips and dont kil anything. it just gets annoying. But yah spirit armor is pretty annoying too. I just dont find it as often as weakness.

Dec 14, 2008
I have to admit, Spirit Armor is a pain. On a day to day basis, I hate the spell that Balance Monsters use frequently and that is the one that reduces attack damage by 25%. I don't know how many times I will have already selected a spell that produces enough damage to finish a monster off, only to have that annoying spell cast on me so that I have to go another round.

Dec 14, 2008
i actually like the challange of spirit armor. it's like a monster healing itself not BIG deal

my most annoying spell is weakness

it always shows up at the most inconvienient times