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Morganthe drop rate

Dec 12, 2008
To be honest I was like a lot of people complaining about the drop rate etc... But tonight 10/22/14 after farming since part 2 of Khrysalis came out I got the amulet Lady of Spiders Lure. And it was gratifying. Being able to say I farmed for it and I earned it

Jan 10, 2012
I understand the frustration with farming hades and morganthe. I wish KI would simply drop (special for the
type of boss) crafting ingredients that could be used to craft the "special" gear of your choice (from a list). That way the wizard could make his own gear to match his own offensive and defensive style (mixed and matched). Make the things rarer by requiring more of special items for crafting. This worked for us in the cronus fight(he dropped amber which could be used to craft special gear). We would then have a goal and feed back (how close are we) and (do I want to spend that amount of time on this gear). You could then budget you time and remove some of the frustration, much better than a random drop for a less than useful item.

Jan 30, 2014
May 09, 2010
The future is here, apparently, with darkmoor and whatnot. But you're guaranteed a drop from your school every time.

Jan 27, 2015
masterryan1969 on May 3, 2014 wrote:
if the drop rate was 2.5% chance I would have all the things I wanted. e.g hades robe, divine etc.... the rate is more like one tenth of one percent chance for these items to show up in a draw and since there is like 200 items mostly garbage you would never use chances are even less. For example I did get the new divine from morganthe but i am death and it was for FIRE only. I dont have a fire wizard so i fed it to my pet. Talk poor code? Ki if you even read these look back on your water works loot code system SCHOOL ONLY GEAR SHOULD ONLY GO TO THAT SCHOOL. remove the req level 98 garbage drops a level 30 would not even use.

when you start morganthe it says END GAME well show us the gear then? There is no way players are going to stay subscribed a year for new content again farming for the couple drops morganthe has.

My numbers?
I have run hades just shy of 1500 times on my main death, what did i get as usable upgrades? 9 copies of the same good hat thats a waterworks upgrade one balance mastery exiled and one life mastery exiled. I have tons of the glass gear which is useless to me.

I have only run morganthe about 95 times so far I seen the fire divine update which should have been my schools not fire and 2 beetle pets. Anyways thats my 2cents. I am end game and hardcore as i can be but dang come on really?

do we remember loremaster? even know that camp is awful I was able to get all 14 spells on my low level pvp character. How long did it take? 15 weeks of farming 50-55hrs a week. Since I work full time and have a family what did that mean during that time? oh mommy's at her other job farming for spells check back with her in a few weeks. come on KI?? I was doing lore in 2-3 rounds using 2 accounts. thats pretty fast, unlike doing hades or morganthe... so if the rate is conparable you would be looking at doing morganthe 3-5000 times to see 1 item as an upgrade.

I strongly believe this is going to cause many players to cancel subscriptions and not even bother to buy areas for crowns who are at end game. I have tons of perfect pets even with the failed pet system i made it happen, (spudf)(spudp) (pdfcp) etc, farmed loremaster was able to get all her spells on a low level for pvp enjoyment and even farmed her on other wizards getting the key needed spells. farmed water works on about 15 wizards getting them full sets of armor. mastered crafting to the max level.

but hades and morganthe - road blocks hardcore or not remove the junk drops that no one would even use and increase the drop rate even up to about 10% chance then people could enjoy the game again.

I have 1 max wizard 2 95's 2 80's and 1 lv 60 for pvp

I am not going to waste time taking any others to max there is no point will hit the same level 100 road block with gear.

as a 100 death i have soloed everythig in game even the last two maps without crown assistance, bottles etc. what's left for a player like me? These new pip decks seem really common also noted.
I am a level 100 wizard and i've recently started farming morganthe 4 bosses with 27k health all at once it's not that hard compared to the malistaire dungeon which is way harder than this like extremely harder than this.. but guess what i already have farmed malistaire for all of his gear i have everything that you can get from the darkmoore dungeon and this is extremely annoying because malistaire has a higher drop rate of dropping the gear everybody can get the malistaire gear in like a few weeks days or less than a day if farming for the best gear in the game that easy why isnt farming for the easy amulet too?it doesn't necessarily improve your stats by a lot but it's still pretty good i mean you might as well make the best stuff you can get in the game to have an extremely high drop rate and have the other items have a really low drop rate.. the drops from morganthe are just horrible why am i able to get the full malistaire gear but not the amulet from morganthe? the only good thing you can get from morganthe is the athame ring and amulet the ring and athame arent that good because u can get the alpha and omega ring and the athame from the graveyard in malistaire of blade of the felled titan all of these have a higher drop rate malistaire is a harder boss and its a dungeon my guess is that the only way to get the amulet is to spend crowns on the chest that is inside the room but i am already paying for the game why should i have to pay for something like that? is me paying for the game not enough i am a promethean crafter i have all the stuff that i want except for the amulet why make the amulet have such a low drop rate and have malistaire gear have such a high drop rate like seriously why not make the best amulets have the same drop rate as the best gear in game? and what is this about getting another schools amulet? what am i just like supposed to get another wizard to level 100 just to wear the amulet and farm for the malistaire gear again? that's painful

Jul 05, 2009
Alright, first of all, DROPS ARE INSANE, and it's really infuriating, I do know MMO's are supposed to be grindy though. But this... Is way too far. People have done Tartarus over 1000 times killing Hades in 5 rounds, and guess what? STILL NO DIVINE AMULET! Horrible, I think. Just please, increase the Morganthe and divine drop rates by a little bit. Make it so you don't have to do it AS much. About 70-80 times GUARENTEED would make lots of people happy. But cool it with the drop rates though, it gets really frustrating and then people quit.

~Daniel BoomEyes, Sorcerer


Oct 19, 2013
Morgathe runs 356 still going
Athames 2
Ring 0
Amulet 0
Decks 100+
Pesky beetle 100+
These drops are far to low

Mar 25, 2014
I feel like I've been farming her for a million years...Dear Morganthe please for the love of the spiral drop my athame *staying hopeful...ish*

Jun 16, 2012
Are morganthe amulet drops school specific now? Was wondering if they are because if not I'd like to farm for all of them using my storm instead, to finish the battle quicker.
Noah lvl 100