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More than 30 spells?

Dec 21, 2008
I've been playing a while & I noticed that w/ each world a new deck was available (assuming you reached a particular level) that had more slots for spells... I'm now at a point where I have way more spells than I have room for...but so far (I've gotten as far as Marleybone) I've seen no decks that offer space for more than 30 spells... have I just not progressed far enough to get a bigger deck, or do they all max out at 30 & to use the more powerful spells I have to buy a new deck & include those cards (discarding some of the weaker ones that I still like using) and switch to it?

Jan 20, 2009
The decks do indeed get bigger as you progress to MooShu and Dragonspyre. You will probably find, however, that having a smaller deck will be more efficient in terms of playing. If you consider the probability of drawing any one spell in a large deck vs. a small deck, you will get the spells you need more often by having a smaller deck.

May 03, 2009
When I was running around with 25 spell deck I recieved a 30 spell deck off of a mob drop while in Krok.

Recently I recieved 35 spell deck as a drop after completing a quest in marley-sorry don't remember which quest.

As stated earlier, with my new deck I tend to discard quite a bit or pass so I can get and use a card I need.

I have actually been building decks depending on my needs. One deck for my prime magic class, one for my secondary, one for duels, etc.