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Mean Grandmasters!

Apr 27, 2009
DavidStronghunter1... wrote:
ic0517 wrote:
Anything less than 60 is a noob.
no anything less than 50 is a noob
Do you people lack the self confidence to have pride in yourself that you have to put others down? It honestly doesn't matter what level you are. If you want to embrace your egotistical side and say that anything lower than a Grand is a noob, go right ahead. Karma will slap you in the face when you least expect it to, or want it to.
If someone calls you a noob, or tries to insult you, just laugh it off and think positive. You can't let a few angry people get you down D:

~Emma Drake, Legendary Thaumaturge

Dec 10, 2008
people can be really mean sometimes. i am just a low level 25 and i think its mean for people to do that when i become grandmaster i might go to unicorn way to help beginners. i think the higher levels should do that.

Dec 12, 2009
aye i have been called noob even though i am level 45 pyromancer one i even beat a grand in pvp with one helephant!

Jan 25, 2010
Everyone who reads this forum and agrees, whenever you see a legendary or even lower say 'noob' to a beginner, say "That is not nice, you were a beginner once."
I have already started to see this act of kindness!

Dec 27, 2010
flame627 wrote:
people can be really mean sometimes. i am just a low level 25 and i think its mean for people to do that when i become grandmaster i might go to unicorn way to help beginners. i think the higher levels should do that.

Yes, see. That is the kindness that they SHOULD have to the lower lvls. (I not talking to all of you grandmasters and masters) Why should they not. They ask you for help, which probobaly means that they really need it. Why call them a noob when you can just go help them with there problem then get on with your missions if you have any. That is all you have to do. Just help them. then they might leave you alone. x sigh x if only people listened to us lower lvls. (they should) Well, I will leave you all to your day now. Bye

May 22, 2009
Well i just think that its all about respect the higher your level the more respect you diserve.I am a magus level 34 i am really exited to go to master level in 40.But enough about me no matter what the producers do or what you say is going to change anything.BUT I DO agree with you that is just cold blooded you guys had a deal and he should have stuck to it.I swear that i have never called anyone a noob the first reason is because i dont really know what it means but still the only thing i have done is that i dont let low levels be my friends it also gets anoying when they follow you keep pressing friend request and stuff i cant agree on what your saying but some things i do but any way this is what i have to say to you if your not a magus+ your not going to get much respect maybe adepts get SOME respect but heres my anserw WHO CARES MAN!!!!! :x :x :x :x

Feb 09, 2009
Zzatdragon wrote:
An insult describing a person who is not only lacking in knowledge of something, but also blatantly refuses to learn about it and even berates those who would benefit him with experience. Often used in computer game circles .

So nublet you look it up.

You do realize you proved my point, right? I just said 'n00b' is gamer ("Often used in computer game circles") insult ("An insult...").

Apr 17, 2009
StormWizard1201 wrote:
Since your speaking of Mean Grandmasters, I know what your saying.. A Grandmaster was in Krokotopia, when I was lvl 19 ( I am now lvl 31 ). He asked me if I could help him, and he will do anything but gift stuff.. I said, " Sure, and when we are done, can you take me to Mooshu? Theres this pet that gives a card at Adult. " After that, he said, " Sure. Now, you need to help me find me 10 Stone Blocks." Then, I was his friend, then said, " Alright. " I found 6/10 Stone Blocks, and he found 4/10 Stone Blocks. He said, " Thanks. " Then I said, " Can you take me to Mooshu? " When I said that, he deleted me from his Friend's List, and said, " Laters noob! XD ", then left me. I got very mad, and sorta sad. I never trusted a Grandmaster.
that just makes you sterotypical. i am a level 54 and i have NEVER done that. saying all grandmasters are like that kinda hurts my feelings nah jk but still its a stereotypical thing to say.

Mar 11, 2010
Ok I have a Death wizard who is Magus lvl 35 and a Balance wizard who is Level 60. I dont want to make fun of noobs. I mean, just because your more powerful doesnt mean you should tease them. I mean like, their new. They want to explore all the amazing things that will await them. There is NO NEED at all to tease noobs. And usually its the magus lvl 30-legendary lvl 60. Just cause theyre new, doesnt mean you SHOULD tease them.

Sincerily, Haley lvl 60 Sorcerer and Mackenzie Deathbringer lvl 35 Necromancer.

Mar 11, 2010
When my life wizard was level life 52 about this ledgendary wizard called me a noob just because i used a wand spell on this boss in celestia that made the boss get a tower shield and hecalled me a noob. :( there is NO REASON AT ALL to call wizards that are low levels like 1-19 a noob! they want to explore all around them and face enemies. all the stuff that awaits them. if you are like level 20-60 it doesnt matter if you add low level wizards you can help them to get to your level! i made this post because geandmasters and ledgendarys are being relly mean to noobs, and those noobs may report you, you dont want to be reported.
all wizards should be nice to noobs, THERE IS NO RESON AT ALL to call low level wizards noobs. they are fine they are nice young wizards.
sincerly Danielle Life 57, Tavia WinterSong Ice 21 and Julia MoonDreamer Myth 7.

Mar 11, 2010
Ok I dont get it! Noobs are just low level wizards so if your in wizard city, you can be called a noob, if your in celestia you CANNOT be called a noob. noobs arent bad! they are just loe level wizards. Ok so noobs arent bad they are just low level wizards high level wizards arent noobs.
Sincerly Danielle Life level 57, Tavia WinterSong Ice leevel 21 and Julia MoonDreamer Myth level 7. I hope you dont be mean to noobs and you be nice to them.

Mar 11, 2010
No one has the right to tease noobs. They are new. The want to explore the amazing adventures that await them.

Sincerily, Haily lvl 60 Sorcerer and Mackenzie Deathbringer lvl 35 Magus