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May 2014 Producer Letter!


My Dear Wizards,

Spring is the season for rebirth, awakenings, a great time for Life students,
and the precursor to every Fire student’s favorite time of year: summer.
The longest days, the hottest sun, and the most fun, in my opinion.

This spring is also a time of endings – particularly the release of the finale of
Morganthe’s storyline. Let’s take a look back at our travels over the last four
years, shall we?
Read more at https://www.wizard101.com/game/producers-letter-may2014

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)
Mar 29, 2012
i finally made it to the end of khrysalis part 2 and faced Morganthe. can i just say? wow. epic. awesome. amazing. i really Love the intro,the battle itself, and the ending. this story has been so cool, i didn't want it to end! lol. it is also very cool that you made this a single battle as opposed to a long dungeon. excellent job ki

Amber Raven Song

Sep 23, 2011
Yes it was good but the drop rates are worse then hades and to pour more gas on the fire you added very low level reagents and snacks that should never be in that fight like mist wood and bone really? And although the the new gear works to some degree I would have to disagree on making school specific gear go to another wizard that people may not even have or have no plans on having at all. If you won't allow trading of gear amongst wizards although I would level cap it heavy and that goes for pets as well you should at least make it that you should get your own school gear not some other school that you have no intentions of getting. Another problem i'm seeing is that it seems to me that your favoring schools more so then others and the perfect example of this is basically giving storm no weakness at all other then overall health. You give them pierce, accuracy boost which they can obtain for free and easy and more power but this isn't overbalanced? Current is the biggest one yet and what about myth did you forget about them? Seems to me that when storm cry foul they get what they want.They are crying because they can't one shot kill everyone in pvp except ice. They need a clue other schools have to use a secondary school why shouldn't they. They are allowed to wipe out everyone but ice in a 4v4 match and cry about that, same goes for fire.

Oct 07, 2012
i have had so much fun on wizard101

please make some more worlds

here is an idea,

i was reading a topic and there was something about a parrell universe, i lost it, but if you come across it, it would be great

and my birthday is on the 30th

May 24, 2013
Oh My Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a gamer, looking through other games, watching game critics and play through and even playing games myself. Nothing and I mean nothing compares to the emotional roller coaster that I felt in this game. Particularly Morganthe's storyline. You guys hit me in the feels, I don't know what to feel anymore .

It was an awesome idea on making Malistaire return in Azteca but being a Skeleton, only half alive. When I went in Xibalba I knew what was going to happen (I spoiled it to myself ), but I didn't know I would still have that same emotion of sadden and excitement again when I was going through it. In truth I actually cried to see Malistaire fly off Xibalba.

Khrysalis was a very nice change from the normal. I loved the Shadow Magic I can't go into a battle without one in my deck. What makes it more cool is that I have to figure out the do's and don'ts of it like " Oh I can't put a blade on cause it doesn't like it." But what stood out for me was Morganthe's dream part of it. Wow that was a great hit to the heart, it was a very good and unique part of the game.

Overall this game was so good I recommended it to a lot of my friends. Most People turn it down cause it's a "kids game". I tell them their missing out big time with this game. Very very good job. 10\10

Molly Rainmask lvl 100

Olivia Darkblade lvl 20