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Malistaire is not evil.

Dec 18, 2009
I must admit, I feel bad for him, but he shouldn't turn to evil just because he is a widower

Jul 04, 2012
Eric Crowspear on Aug 14, 2012 wrote:
Spoiler alert much? I didn't find out about his wife until DS.

~Eric CrowSpear - 80
~Eric LifeGiver - 77
actually they tell you in wizard city, so don't rip on someone just cause you didn't listen to what Gloria Krendell said.
I listened in Wizard City, and knew it by Dragonspyre.

Angela Gem
Level 47

Apr 21, 2012
If he just brought his wife to life and nothing else happened, we may just leave it at that. But look at what he did for his wife, sent undead undead running amok in Wizard City, woke the evil Krokopatra, freed Meowiarty from prison, almost killed the emperor of Mooshu, and, oh yeah, almost released an evil dragon capable of destroying the whole Spiral! when Cyrus Drake made an illusion of Sylvia to try and talk Malistaire out of it, 'she' said that the person she loved would not risk the lives of so many people just for one. And I have a feeling that's really what she would've said.

Apr 21, 2012
Scarlet Fever on Jul 2, 2013 wrote:
This forum was made for me!!! I have a somewhat detailed theory on the background of Sylvia, Malistaire, And Morganthe. It sounds wild in some parts but just here me out. Before Malistaire met Sylvia, he and Morganthe were happily together. Then Malistaire met Sylvia and knew he had found real love. When he left Morganthe she wasn't angry with him. There was no anger, only loneliness and sadness. She was crushed as she watch him go crazy and become obsessed with reviving Sylvia. She was crushed when he died. This is her reasoning for attempting to take over the spiral and revive him. Morganthe still loves him and wants to finish what he started. She chose to revive him so he could have a second chance and rule their own evil spiral together.

No one here is evil. Their emotions cloud their judgement and their actions make them seem evil. Morganthe was once a great apprentice. Malistaire was once a great teacher, as was Sylvia. There is no evil here. This was all just about avenging a dead loved one.

I hope you like my thoughts

Scarlet Dragonpetal
Lvl 90 Pyro
If you're level 90 then you should know that Morganthe was born in Avalon, lived in Zafaria for many years, and was trapped (for lack of a better word) on Celestia, she probably never met Malistaire before the whole Azteca thing.

Aug 20, 2008
I just finished DragonSpyre the other day and I feel compelled to remind people of one little detail - When Malistaire refuses to stop, he monologues that he will resurrect Sylvia and they will rule together.

He isn't out to just bring back his beloved wife. He's out to conquer the Spiral. You can argue about whether that's an end in itself or a means to an end, but either way it's one of his goals. He's not "misunderstood". He might be misled, in that being a Death wizard, he became so focused on power for its own sake that he forgot the philosophy of his own school. That is, no doubt, one of the dangers of dealing with such a powerful force as Death magic.

Any way you slice it, his motivations were completely selfish and he had no regrets for the pain and evil he left in his wake; at least not until he himself was dead. That pretty much defines "evil".

Oct 20, 2012
Time Warped on Aug 14, 2012 wrote:
Malistaire is actually a sad person because his wife Sylvia died of sickness and could not be healed. Malistaire's heart was broken and now he is on a quest to take whatever he can to get his wife back. He took all of the things he did because he tried to force the spiral to give him his wife back.
Malistaire is not evil or anything. Malistaire is sad because of his wife and angry because we keep attacking him and he made those blockes and stuff so it would take longer for us to catch him. He is NOT evil.
I feel bad for Malistaire :( :( :(

Although Time Cannot Be Held Back Forever, Enjoy It While It Lasts.

Rylee SpiritBlood
Magus Necromancer
Level 32

If you don't like it and don't want to know the story then hushy hushy and don't read this!
Yea I feel bad for him too in Azteca, he will come back and battle you as a skeleton He looks creepy when he is a skeleton

Jul 15, 2012
Eric Crowspear on Aug 14, 2012 wrote:
Spoiler alert much? I didn't find out about his wife until DS.

~Eric CrowSpear - 80
~Eric LifeGiver - 77
Sylvia was mentioned in Wizard City .

Robert Angleblade
Archmage (LVL 84) Theurgist