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Least Favorite World?

Jul 18, 2016
We all have one, whether it be too many mob battles, too many defeat and collect quests, or just too long of a world. In this post, I want you guys to tell me your least favorite world and why you dislike it. Remember to not post any spoilers.

As the original poster of this thread, I'll start things off. My least favorite world so far has been Azteca because the story-line wasn't very fun, too many defeat and collect quests, the bosses have too much health and are running mastery amulets, and you get nothing out of Azteca except the King Artorius spell. The way I think of it, I think of Azteca as like a brick wall that must be crossed to gain your Shadow Pips, especially since Khrysalis is the world immediately following Azteca. I'm just glad to finally be out of Azteca and into Khrysalis, but I will admit, the good thing about Azteca are the side quests because they reward you with so much XP and they're easy. I literally did every single side quest in Azteca and now I'm starting Khrysalis at level 96. Won't be long now before I get to Darkmoor and start farming for Malistaire gear. With that being said, what's your least favorite world so far, Wizards?

Blaze StormSword (Level 96 Diviner, Lore Spell and Promethean Pet Enthusiast)

Oct 20, 2012
I've only made it up to Khrysalis Part 2 so I don't know what the arc 3 worlds are like but so far my least favorite has to be Azteca. Mainly cause I'm not a big fan of dinosaurs which is the character design theme of that world. Also pretty much what you said. It's just big wall of a world with little rewards to look forward to. I don't know what it's length compared to other worlds is exactly but it certainly feels like a longer world than others. I saw people in Azteca mention that they kept checking the quest tree only to be upset that there was still much of that world left to grind through. Oh and I almost forgot...the annoying 1v3's to get your much needed sun and star spells.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Worlds that annoy me the most:

Marleybone & Celestia. Marleybone is dark and dirty, don't like. Celestia is just ... I don't know. I'm usually ready to destroy the whole place by the time I get to the Crustacean Empire and then I get there where the lazy crabs are over-the-top aggravating. All that tedious swimming back and forth just makes me crazy. Grr! That's the point where I start to wonder if it's possible to set an underwater world on fire....

Worlds that are exhausting but tolerable:

Azteca and Khryslis. Seriously, both are gorgeous and have compelling stories, but the LONG SLOG and back and forth and back and forth, feeling like you're getting nowhere, and every boss has, like 100,000 health and every. single. battle takes 30 minutes or longer. Exhausting. They're just too long.

Alia Misthaven

Nov 23, 2015
I have a few worlds that I'm not the biggest fan of and if I have to be honest, the one at the top of my least favorites list is Celestia. I don't really know what it is about it but it was just so aggravating and honestly kind of boring. That's one of the few reasons why I dread creating a new wizard (and why I've hardly played on my new wizards) because I am not excited to do Celestia.

I'd say another one of my least favorite worlds is Zafaria. I wasn't the biggest fan of Zafaria but honestly, I was just glad to get out of Celestia so I'd definitely choose Zafaria over Celestia any day lol.

While I understand why people don't like Azteca, I have to say that while it's not one of my favorites, I think it's one of the more tolerable world's. It's a beautiful world with a great storyline (though, Xibalba makes me want to rip my hair out.)

Mar 09, 2018
I don't even know if I have a least favorite. I typically don't like barren and over-the-top long worlds, which would put Azteca up there, but it's not up there for just that - the combat is awful until 86, areas like Cenote & Tierra de Brea are just unfortunate, and there's a lot of d&c quests. That all being said, there is no way I can call Azteca my least favorite, because of all the worlds so far Azteca's storyline is by far my favorite. The world itself droned on and on for a month while I was speedrunning on my ice, but the uplifting storyline and the looming Xibalba made it suspenseful.

Aug 23, 2016

The color scheme is monotonous. The questing drug on forever.

Beyond that CHEATING Bosses.

Steven Ghoststalker

Feb 18, 2012
Marleybone is just incredibly boring, because every single area looks the same to me. I'm happy it never takes me more than a couple of days to finish, as MooShu is one of my favorite worlds.

Jan 15, 2014
I would go with Azteca. Boss, boss, defeat and collect, boss, defeat and collect, boss, boss, boss, defeat and collect. And lots of areas were dreary and it was just such a long and unenjoyable world.

Feb 28, 2014
Wysteria and Marleybone are my least favorite worlds. I feel Wysteria is boring. There's not much there to excite me. Half of the time you run around being a gopher like and talk. That's not including side quests. I only quest in that world to get to Elephant Tower. Marlaybone is ok but I rather not play a detective like wizard. I do like Big Ben dungeon and the 2 little ones before that.

Nov 21, 2011
Controversial opinion aside, i gotta say i hated Avalon more than any other world. The only things i really liked about it were the combat theme and the scenery. With the exception of Ghost Avalon i just found most of the quests and characters really boring, so much so that it singlehandedly killed my questing for a while. Given how hyped i was about it at first, when it released i was kinda disappointed, which might've just made things worse for me.

Looking at other worlds i dislike:

Marleybone. Those blasted sidewalks. I've been pulled so many times on those that i've lost count.

Wysteria. For most people it is a good introduction to cheating bosses, but the only things i could really enjoy there were the Spiral Cup battles and the Helephant Tower. Aside from that the quests were boring and most of the characters felt the same. At least it's short though.

Pre-Wintertusk Grizzleheim. Wintertusk definitely makes up for the struggle here, but ignoring that, the XP gain is so low that it's not worth doing until you can just steamroll the first half under your own power and rush to Wintertusk.

Oct 23, 2018
Well, to be honest, I dislike questing 1-30

So Wizard City - Mooshu (I dislike Mooshu as well)

Plus, questing is a lot better with a buddy or a friend.

** Just make sure you have the right gear for questing
Resist is important, as well as damage (for your school) and a pet... •try not to use a wand the same school as you, especially when you have a blade on, because if you have a negative, it'll use the blade•

- Bellashad

Jun 15, 2013
I'm currently working on Polaris and not liking it. Besides being sick of all the ice and snow, I'm not sure what it is that irks me about that world. I just don't like it.

Jun 20, 2017
My least favorite world is avalon. Its just so weird. You have to back track all the time. I was getting tired of it. Im glad i just finished.

Jul 01, 2009
My least favorite world is KR part one. The second part of KR is better tho.

I would have to say my favorite world is Mirage.Its just the whole atmosphere of it I guess. I have to say tho, that I love the whole 3rd arc, except for maybe that final boss in Empyrea lol.

Sep 30, 2018
My least favorite world to top it off at #1 would have to be an unpaid membership in wizard city, where we are unable to get anywhere further than Triton Avenu.#itsahardknocklife4Us
Free to play good one KI

Aug 19, 2009
I think majority of people, including myself, would come out to say Azteca.

If the swamp zones were erased I would probably enjoy it more

Oct 18, 2009
if the nightmare dungeon in Empyrea is anything to go by its between Marleybone with those non-existent sidewalks and maze like "streets" or Dragonspyre with the seemingly endless tower dungeons and a constant flow of weaknesses.

Honorable mention to Khrysalis because bugs are ick and I do not like them anthropomorphic or other wise (Morganthe never did drop me a nice amulet)

Apr 24, 2010
Khrysalis is by far my least favorite world. I appreciate that they tried to really ramp up the storyline elements in Azteca and Khrysalis, but it is so heavy-handed in Khrysalis that it makes the entire world take far, far too long (over 250 quests...).

I actually enjoyed Celestia a lot, which a lot of people here and elsewhere don't seem to like too much! I wish we had more information about the world though, as there seem to be a lot of a loose ends.

Zafaria takes the cake as second worst, probably. Maybe it's because of the way I play the game; I always level my characters through the main worlds of arc 1 and Celestia, switch to completing GH and Wintertusk in one go, and then go back to ZF. But to me, the three clans/species drama of Zafaria seems like a rehash of the three clans drama from pre-Wintertusk GH.

Oct 27, 2018
Marleybone, good grief I hated that place.
A very bland atmosphere, each new area almost feels like the exact same place as before, and doing the sidequests is a trip and back.
Starting here after finishing Krokotopia gets really difficult really fast; the first legitimate boss actually made me lose, twice. Enemies (especially ice) shield very often while putting up a weakness, just to waste your time on a fight. It's pretty much a blessing If someone shows up to help.
Traveling here is much more expansive. Setting waypoints helps a lot with sidequests, and it actually helps that there are teleporters in each section.

The only upside I see are the dungeons; these are extremely fun to go through, and the only interesting part of traveling everywhere. But again, they take a while to do, especially the very last dungeon (not gonna saw which it is). Im very glad to get this place out of the way to move on to Mooshu, which I actually enjoyed more than Marleybone.