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Items on Vendors

Jun 17, 2009
Ok, before the new patch, we could go to the shops and buy some items, that would have cards on them and some of the better health items ect.. lately after the patch i went to check vendors to buy better armor and a pet, like the jade oni for instance, but none of the pets sold are like that or have cards equipped with them and so on, why were they removed and where would we be able to get them since some of the players on game already have them from buying them before patch, its kind of unfair dont you think?

Feb 07, 2009
You can still get them from boss drops and crowns I hate this!!!!!!! I was saving fora storm hound pet now ill never get it!

Jun 21, 2009
I wondered what happened to those. That sucks. :/ I was saving up for a death leprechaun.

Apr 25, 2009
Yeah, it's not really fair that it splits the community between before-patch and after-patch. I for one am SO glad I bought nightshade's choker before the patch. If I didn't I would have to keep fighting him to find it.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
It may be better in the long run. (????) I think we need to wait and see.

I deleted a character to start one up again with the new changes. In the week or so since the switch, I have had three crown drops in non-farming normal play. What was really funny was that I had on a crown item from before (Harvest Foe's Robe) and Krokhotep dropped a twin.

Also, most of them are tradable, so you pass between your cadre of mages, and most can be traded at the bazzar...so we should start to see them available.