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Is Anyone Else Feeling a Little Burned Out?

Jun 17, 2012
High Five Ghost on Mar 14, 2015 wrote:
That's pretty much it. I don't have crews, or even just one crew anymore. I lost them in Azteca. I am more than capable of completing the dungeons with people, but I didn't keep up with them.

I just did Tower of the Helephant a couple of nights ago with 2 of my wizards. I did it alone. It's unfortunate that Darkmoor is probably going to be the same for me in a year or two from now, when my wizards are around level 120.

I don't know if it's good or bad, but by then the gear will likely be obsolete. Bad because I'll have finished the following worlds without it when I probably could have used it, but good because I won't waste my time farming it over and over again. Like Tower of the Helephant, the two wizards I just completed it with are only going to do it that once because they don't need the ring or athame anymore.

But I've lost the will to find new friends to quest with and do these dungeons with. I've just become really turned off of all these instances with cheating bosses where you need drill sergeants barking orders at you all the time. I have more fun at work than I do playing these dungeons. Seems silly to me to pay for a game that annoys the heck out of me when I could be at work getting paid to have fun with friends.
It's a good thing the new Join a Team feature was added. That will make things much easier.

David Thundermancer 56

Apr 08, 2015
FinnAgainWindrider on Dec 8, 2014 wrote:
After this last update with Castle Darkmoor and the other dungeons, something just kinda fizzled in me regarding this game. I (and several other voices on these threads) have been asking over and over again for a return to the fun family-friendly light-hearted game that Wizard101 started out to be. But the game keeps barreling along into harder and harder things.

I'm getting tired of even trying to post about it anymore, and wondering if the game is too far gone to bother with anymore. My oldest daughter rarely plays now, and though my youngest daughter thinks she would like to start, I'm not sure that will happen, since I may not keep up the subs. It was fine when the spirit really was family friendly. But with this new hard-edged spirit in the game, I'm not so sure about it.

Personally, I found the new lower level dungeons about right for my higher level wizards to go through and still enjoy. Darkmoor I don't even want to try -- it is just a waste of time and a source of frustration to spend hours fighting cheating bosses, for the slim chance of moderate rewards.

Usually this time of year with the holiday stuff and all, I am really loving the spiral. Usually I have been eager for new updates. This year, not as much. I loved the light joy this game had. But there is a heavy feel in the spiral now, too much seriousness, too much competition. It leaves me feeling a little burned out.

Anybody else feeling this way?
Well, I know I'm feeling more than a "little" burnt out.

People are right, the 2nd Arc is way too difficult, and the death of soloing has resulted in the exodus of your average player.

I as of now have the time to "farm" for gear, but no patience for it. At least not right now.

I had made it into Avalon with my wizard, my first wizard ever and favorite. I had spent so much time in the Waterworks that one day when I asked my friend if we were going to do Waterworks again he said "Dude, just quit farming Waterworks and quest. You aren't going to progress if you just stay there.".

So I did as he recommended. I myself felt I had done it more than enough times to no avail anyway. Zafaria was HARD, but manageable. With perseverance I eventually got past that nightmare, only to be replaced by Avalon.

Avalon is my favorite world for the design and historical/mythical "Easter eggs", certainly not for the gameplay.

A street battle took me at least about half an hour to beat, with high risk of being defeated by a lowly street mob. And don't get me started on mini-bosses. Those guys could easily OHKO me with all those Power Pips they got at Round 1.

Afterwards, I quit at level 80-ish hoping that I return with renewed perseverance.

Unfortunately, my account was deleted. I have no idea why, as I clearly remembered by Username and Password. In fact, I created my new Username and Password from my old one.

Hence, I'm now in Krokotopia. I'm out of Crowns and unable to continue onward to the Tomb of Storms.

I have now decided that if I don't have the morale to continue farming, I'll simply quit the dungeon, and stay with what I have. That "awesome" gear will be obsolete in the future anyway.

You are correct Finn; the family-friendly aspect is long gone, maybe for good. But not because of Darkmoor. While it may have died for some at Celestia, mine died since Avalon's inception.

However, Wizard101 still has a chance to redeem itself in Arc 3.

And if it does, I will continue with W101

Nov 13, 2009
NeoNebula17 on Jun 8, 2015 wrote:
It's a good thing the new Join a Team feature was added. That will make things much easier.

David Thundermancer 56
The team ups seem like they should be effective, but that's usually for lower level areas. I personally never use team up for places like Darkmoor or Morganthe, In the past whenever I teamed up there would always be ONE person who leaves, and starts a chain making another person leave, and what do you know? You can't complete the dungeon because it's just you and another person, or you're the only one left, and solo is obviously not an option.

- I'm healthy