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Ice is Favored!

Dec 05, 2012
o and about the hades gear thing i am fire and mine had really good fire stats and nothing to do with ice so i think it is like that for every school.

Dec 21, 2010
Ice, in my opinion is not favored!!!! I mean its got high health and other ratings but that's because they have low attack. They were made to be like that. I mean storm has super high attack damage but there not favored. Each school has there things that are super high and super low. If every school had the same thing it would not be interesting and it wouldn't get you interested into other powers.

Victoria Icecaster lvl 40

Feb 27, 2009
If you want a school that really works the terms of defensive and digging the trench deeper, it's .

Marcus Suncrafter, lvl 74

Mar 03, 2012
Ice has always been favoured I agree but their stats aren't as OP when you look at it in a different angle. can achieve immunity to and without Jade Gear. All you need is a Woodland Tribal Coat, a pet with proof, defy and resistance to fire and storm, and some other gear I am unaware of. However, their damage and critical rating will decrease so much that they wouldn't be able to get any good damage on you unless you stack blades and etc. In PvP, use Shrike to cut through the resist. Shield and weaken to slow their attacks down. Sure gets the most obvious looking critical bubble from the normal damage bubble but it's not too strong when you look at it differently.

Jul 13, 2013
Ice is not favored. They just have high health to make up for their weak attack.

Jul 03, 2010
I'm an ice wizard too but I believe it's totally fair. Compared to other schools, we have the worst attacks. So it's fair enough we have the highest health, and critical. The ice school does have lots of wards, but if you were ice, it's very annoying how other schools get new spells while we just get shields.
-Alyssa MoonLeaf Level 42

Jul 09, 2009
As an Ice wizard, I really dislike when people call our school weak. We're not weak, we're decent. Of course Ice is weak compared to storm and fire, but what about comparing us to the other schools? Life isn't that much different in attacks. Plus, Ice doesn't have the greatest gear in the game so whenever we get a good wand with decent critical and block everybody loses their mind. Stop complaining that Ice's Hades wand is better than other schools and keep in mind that your stats are probably better than some Ice wizards including me.