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Gift cards

Apr 23, 2009
Is there any where other than Rite Aide and 7-11 to get the cards? We do not have either one of theses stores in our area. Ok I could find one rite aid in my state but it was 96 miles away. We don't have any 7-11 in this state. I searched ever other store I could think of.... Walmart, Walgreens, meijers, Kroger, circle K, speedway, and target. I really want to get one of the new pets. I feel it is not really fair that you are not offering the free pet to people who pay with their credit card. I have no problem paying with my credit card, I just thought, cool a free pet. In fact I was not even going to put anymore money on my account this month, but I thought hey free pet why not. But because I can not get a free pet I will not be putting extra money on my account, so I guess really you lose out. I just feel that the pets should be available to everyone, or make the cards available at a store like Walmart (kinda sure most people have a walmart near them). :x