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friends list question

Jun 08, 2008
i have deleted people off my friends list for various reasons, how is it that they can still message me and teleport to me, [my list no longer shows them] i thought if they were taken off the list that was it, they could not message or find you.

May 06, 2009
Good question I would like to know also. I know from my personal experience I had one "friend" that kept porting to me without letting me know so I axed him off the list. He ported to me one time after that and then I haven't seen him since. Maybe it takes it one time for both sides to syncronise? I don't know just guessing. :-(

Sep 25, 2008
That happens to me. They should fix it so that they can't message you anymore. Well lucky I had a friend on my other wizard so I could meet up with him and re add him. I found out he was upset. I apologized he said it is ok.

Amber on the other hand I just said sorry and to stop messaging me so she did. Since she was friends with him, I could go and tell her.

I'm happy now because I was cleaning my friend's list and I accidently deleted them but thank goodness I caught up with them. I usually delete people who don't talk to me for a long time and when my list gets long. Otherwise I just wait until my list gets long and then delete the ones I don't see often.


Mary Windstrider and apologies to people I don't answer because I deleted you. Jason DarkFlame re added so not deleting him anymore. Since he was upset.