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Fizzling Heal Cards???

Feb 18, 2009
Why did you make it to where a person's heal cards fizzle? I don't understand the concept behind that. I thought they were suppose to be 100% hit every time but after this last attachment of Grizzleheim, the Heal cards (such as Satyr and Dryad) have a very high Fizzle rate. I've been stuck in one tower in DS now for over a week because I can't heal myself. Everytime I try to use a Heal card in DS it Fizzles.....EVERY SINGLE TIME....it's very very annoying. It doesn't matter if I'm helping others or not. The only cards that don't fizzle on me are my Pixies.

Please look into this or at least explain why this is happening now.

Hunter SilverHeart
Grandmaster Pyromancer/Diviner

Apr 25, 2009
A card's accuracy is posted on the card itself. If it states 100%, then it has a 100% chance to succeed (not Fizzle). If it states otherwise, then there is a chance that your cast will fail.

Oct 17, 2008
Well, the fizzle rate didn't change at all on the healing cards. It has always been 90%. Maybe you're just unlucky, sorry. If you are really having trouble, get a Theurgist to come and help you because they have plenty of healing cards that aren't quite as likely to fizzle because of clothing boosts.

Also, I think they made it so that healing cards fizzle because otherwise Theurgists would be unstoppable. They could continuously heal with no limits, other than pips, and perhaps mana. I mean, you could ask this same question to other spells... Why does ANY spell fizzle?

Mar 01, 2009
satyr doesnt have a 100% accuracy but pixie does thats why the pixies dont fizzle but the dryads and satyrs do
satyr has 90% accuracy if i am correct
dryad i dont know the accuracy for that

Dec 14, 2008
Wouldn't it be funny if it were a piece of your equipment was bugged so that it negated the accuracy of your healling cards? From my experience with other On-line games, sometimes bugged equipment could make a person do incredible damage, or seemingly super armor would offer no protection at all. In the mean time, the player would be oblivious to what the problem was until a process of elimination could be performed. Unfortunately, the way this game is set up, it would be difficult to diagnose an equipment bug.
Not much help, am I?

May 15, 2009
DeejMaster wrote:
, the way this game is set up, it would be difficult to diagnose an equipment bug.

Not difficult, just a little more time-consuming. One would have to log every <100% accuracy spell cast. If the success rate doesn't converge with the accuracy over time, there may be an issue....a decimal point in the wrong place...or some mundane detail.

A combat log would be nice
...then, a parser can do the counting for us, as well as give us gearhead powergamers something to sink our teeth into.