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Does open chat work, and if so, how?

Jul 21, 2008
I've got a full account and I'm an adult. In the game, I can type text into the chat entry box, but it never appears in the chat history window, I don't see it in a chat bubble, and nobody else seems to see it. Other than the menu chat, all of what appears to be chat bubbles from others is just "..."

Do I have something set wrong? I read a post that says parental controls need to be on, but doesn't go into more specifics about what needs to be set to what.

Is my account messed up, or am I just not getting it?

Aug 20, 2008
It's not entirely intuitive.

First, parental controls need to be off, unless you really are a parent and you're monitoring your kids. It just makes things easier.

Second, Filtered Chat needs to be set ON for your account. You see, there's no such thing as "open" chat. It's either filtered chat or menu chat.

Finally, you need to understand that menu-chat level users cannot interact with filtered-chat players. The fact that YOU are willing to see filtered chat, doesn't mean that someone in "hearing range" is willing or able to see it. If a listener is restricted to menu chat, then they will continue to see "..." whenever you type into filtered chat. To communicate with them, you'll need to use the menu chat.

You can tell who is restricted to menu chat, by the red circle with a slash next to their name. If it's there, they're menu-chat only. If not, then you can speak to them using filtered chat.

Jul 21, 2008
Aha. It was the filtered setting that was confusing.

You have it set up as a menu where you choose which kind of messages you want to get, whereas it appears to be an options setting: "do you want to filter chat? Yes or no?". I'm sure I'm not the only one that's messing up. It's the word "filter" that's doing it.

Filtering is normally associated with an option when using any kind of chat, not as a label for a particular kind of chat. I had further assumed that once I paid for a subscription, I would automatically be set to chat with anyone else that didn't have parental restrictions applied.

Yeah, I did at least figure out the "no chat" symbols on most players that were referring to menu chat only:-)

Thanks for the help.

Oct 14, 2008
I thank you too. I made the same mistake by thinking filtered chat being off would let me type it in.

And I still couldn't find the ... in the chat!

I always thought they were annoyed.

Jul 11, 2009
i know how to do it but where do you change it, i forgot...

May 31, 2009
Where do you get your parental code from is it your email?

May 28, 2009
Make sure you leave menu chat on also when you turn on the filtered chat or you will not beable to chat with them anymore.

Parental control is on the account page

Mar 08, 2009
joshua9514 wrote:
Where do you get your parental code from is it your email?

Hi. If I am understanding your question correctly (see quote).. I believe your parental code is a basically password that you can create within the account options pages, which (once set up) must be typed in order for any changes to be made to the chat system options.

So it is a password sort of thing you create (as a parent) and use to limit your children's ability to access to chat.

I just looked at my account information page, and the last line under the Account Management section of the main account options page is (I think) where you go to initally set up your parental code ("Parental Controls").

I hope that helped.

Dec 20, 2008
Oct 26, 2009
luke3234] how do you get open chat i try to set it up but i don't know how

The answer you seek, young Wizard, can be found on the website under Help & Support - Frequently Asked Questions
<a href="https://www.wizard101.com/game/faq" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://www.wizard101.com/game/faq</a>

Subscribed Accounts verified as 18+ through a valid credit card on file with Wizard101 can enable Open Chat through Account Management and Parental Controls.

May 04, 2009
luke3234 wrote:
luke3234] how do you get open chat i try to set it up but i don't know how

Did you get this set up yet? If not, you need to login on Wizard 101. Then click on "My Accounts". If you are not the parent/adult on the account, you will need one of them to set this up for you.

You need to enter the parental control password. Then go to the chat options. Click on the option/options that you want to change and then turn it "on". You will see the word "enable" on the right hand column near each option. After you turn an option "on", the word "enable" goes away and the word "disable" appears.

When you are finished changing your chat options, go to the bottom of the page to finish (I think you hit "submit" but not sure what it says there).

Hope this helps.

Dec 21, 2009
I am not sure about this. but i read all the comments. it said you go to "My Accounts" Well when i went there i tried filter chat and i clicked disable and checked if some things would change but i guess it did not. so i do not know ether. some say open chat is real and some say not. I dont understand.

May 02, 2009
I need help getting open chat. I go to my accounts, Then I put in the parental controls password. I go to chat- true friends code ( not chat- filtered text, because it is already on.) and chat- filtered text, and I press enable on both of them. When I log back onto W101, my words still show up red instead of yellow, and when I press enter, it shows up as "...", just like regular text chat. I want the words to show up yellow and let me say them! Please help me!

Jul 04, 2009
You do not need to have any parental controls made.

You do have to be a credit card subscriber.

Put in your date of birth, then update (or save changes, etc). You will not see the option for Open Chat until you do this.

Set "Chat - Filter Text" to ON
Set "Chat - Open Chat" to ON

Jun 22, 2009
Ok i did what you said but it isnt working i am a credit card user and i put my birth date in and its not showing open chat so what am i doing wrong?

Apr 02, 2009
Slickriptide wrote:
Second, Filtered Chat needs to be set ON for your account. You see, there's no such thing as "open" chat. It's either filtered chat or menu chat.

You don't know what open chat is?

Open chat exists. If you look at people in the game, if they have menu chat they will have a speech bubble with a X thing through it beside their title or badge name.

For example:

Dylan ShadowTallon
(Crossed out speech bubble) Savior of the Spiral

If they have text chat, it is just a speech bubble. If they have open chat, there isn't anything beside their title.

Open Chat allows you to type whatever you want. If a word you type isn't in the dictionary, it will still come up, but only people with Open chat can see it.

So yes, Open Chat does exist. And don't tell me it doesn't cause I have Open Chat.

Dylan ShadowTallon Level 46 Diviner w/ Open Chat

May 05, 2010
Are you over 18? You must also be over 18 along with a credit card

May 02, 2009
Oh, Okay now I get it. Thank you to anyone who helped me!

Jul 13, 2009
i dont uderstand i am a subsriber and i still cant get open chat after everything i do

Sep 28, 2009
I don't know how to get open chat. It says my age isn't set so i don't know what to do, please help. :-(

Jul 25, 2010
I have a Subscribed accouant as well, and yet when my dad put's in his password for the parentel accouant he can only do recive wizard gifts and the other why can't I use open chat? I have a subscribed membership, i just bought the subscribe thing just and hour ago and already recived my gifts but why can't my dad change open chat to enabled open chat? Plz help.

Again, only players age 18+ can have open chat.

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.
May 19, 2009
ProspectorZeke wrote:
Again, only players age 18+ can have open chat.

So if anyone under the age of 18 has open chat, is it a reportable offence?
because in game and on central there are dozens who openly admit to having open chat but not being of age.

Jun 01, 2010
It is handy if you look right beside your name to see the bubble sign, if it has a cross on it, youll need to fix that on my accounts, no cross, then youll need to enable some stuff.

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