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Do you need to have the "best"?

Dec 10, 2008
Hey guys! This isn't a rant, I just wanted to get some opinions; basically just see what everybody thinks.

I've been playing since 2008, so I know my way around the game well enough to know that *some* people can be "gear snobs". So my question to everybody reading this would be:

Do you guys think you "need" the best of the best items, or do you think whatever gets you by is good enough. Personally, I don't need to have the best. That's not to say I don't have good gear and stats, just not the best.

So just share your opinion, your level, your stats, anything you feel like sharing.

Dec 05, 2013
Personally, if I have the time I will go for the so called 'best'. Otherwise what gets me by is good enough. I am not going to farm forever if I still have main quests to do but if I've beaten the game, sure I'll farm darkmoor until I finally get that one hat.

Alexander Dragondreamer Lvl 110
Alexander Stormdreamer Lvl 24

Nov 28, 2010
If the game is going in a direction where having the best gear is crucial for success or survival, then yes.

I don't need it to show off or to be a braggart, I just need gear for functionality. I've survived all the way from Zafaria to the end of Polaris (though I haven't completed the final dungeon in Polaris yet, and some wizards are still in Khrysalis) primarily with Waterworks gear. I've crafted a few robes and boots, but almost all of my wizards still have their Waterworks hats. I believe my Myth has a Tier 1 Darkmoor hat from the werewolf, as that's as much of Darkmoor as I've tried. I got to the next room and just didn't have the patience to figure out a two wizard winning strategy.

Jul 18, 2009
I very rarely have "the best," but that's usually only out of laziness lol. I've been playing since '09, am a 110 death and I went all the way through from ZF to PL with WW hat, robe and boots too and did just fine, especially in PL which ended up being a cakewalk. I've never once completed hades and I only finished DM a few weeks ago with the help of Mercs for Hire. Since I'm really bored now I'm starting to get some better gear together but it's very slow because I'm trying to motivate myself to find teams for the exalted rattlebones and krokopatra duels *shudder*

Feb 08, 2009
For pve no. Most people expect you to have some parts of the Darkmoor gear but its not required. For pvp you do need the best gear, jewels, pet ect if you want to reach a high rank.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
For my lower level 30/40 up to 56/60 wizards, I prefer a combination of gear dropped from Zeus in Aquila mixed with gear from the Barkingham Palace dungeons. Once I hit level 56, I craft Wintertusk gear and supplement that with whatever I'm lucky enough to get after a few runs through Waterworks. After that, more crafting upgrades in Avalon (around level 76), then ....? It's hard to get better gear than that except in Darkmoor at level 100.

My Balance is currently level 110 and wears a crafted Avalon robe, the Alpha & Omega ring and an athame that dropped from Morganeth, plus a hat and boots from the Yuletide pack that gives high health and high resistance. Since she tanks, mostly, she needs resist and high health more than damage or critical. She's not quite a "Jade" but she is pretty hard to kill.

My 110 Fire has some level 96 crafted Fire gear (for the damage), the Blade of the Felled Titan and Alpha/Omega ring (level 90 drop from Aquila), and a crowns Soothsayer wand (for the may-cast spell).

Both have completed the first set of Darkmoor dungeons, but couldn't make it through the second set. Hades gear isn't good enough to bother farming for and Malistaire gear is currently out of reach. So, we muddle through with 'second tier' gear and it's fine for most PvE situations.

110 Alia Misthaven
110 Rowan Ashcloud
88 Sierra Stormcaller
67 Sophia Soulmender
47 Fallon Raven

Feb 25, 2010
I'm more of a collector of gear, i don't believe you need the best to get by, it's sometimes just nice to have some decent things. However when it comes to buying gear, i have never felt the need to, the only gear i tend to try for is drops from dungeons, etc because it's all about just having the items for me but i believe you can easily get through the game without the top gear, it's all about personal preference. There are some items i don't bother trying for and some i do, i have completed the game so far without having all the absolute top gear and so many others have done to

Mar 31, 2009
No, Since Krokotopia if I get a better piece of gear than the one I currently have then I'll switch it out. I admit that I've spent time getting the Waterworks, Tartarus or Darkmoor gear sets, but I don't get all bent out of shape if I don't have the Darkmoor Boots and Robe with the Krokopatra and Rattlebones hat etc. (Mainly because Rattlebones and Krokopatra cost crowns/ I can't be bothered to farm for their dungeons. They take to long and I hate the idea of "One-Shot" No good.) So bottom line, no you don't need the best gear, but better gear helps. PVP it really helps I guess.

Mar 01, 2015
Well, I personally do try to find powerful gear in the bazaar, which is hard, cause, well its the bazaar. I am really picky, so if the clothing item I find looks really weird, I usually dont buy it. But its not for the sake of having the best gear, its for me. I dont care if people dont like my gear. Cause I do, and im not going to change it because somebody thinks its ugly.

Heather StarSong lvl 68

Jun 07, 2012
I usually don't worry about having the "best" gear. Don't get me wrong, if I get a drop that is an upgrade to something I already have equipped, I'll use it of course. However, I usually try to make sure I have the right spells for the job in my deck. I'm more inclined to collect different decks for different worlds and dungeons. For instance, 20 spells for WC, 60 spells for DS.

Iridian Hawkheart Level 69