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Discuss your school!!!!

Oct 01, 2010
My main school of focus is Balance. Balance has the second highest health and accuracy. The only things that can weaken our attack is Tower Shield and Weakness. In the game we can increase pips, all accuracy, all damage and power pip chances. Another thing we can do is decrease all accuracy and all damage. We can also reshuffle decks and heal a bit but not as much as Life can. Balance does not have any prisms or boosts, but at the level 26 we earn an elemental spell and another one at level 42. These can be used to attack Balance creatures with a resistane or boost against enemies that are weak to these attacks. Another powerful spell of ours is Judgement that can do 100 damage per pip. Our attacks maybe a little weak but we are stronger than Ice and Life.

Dec 04, 2010
My school is Balance.


Balance has a good amount of buffs. Balanceblade, Bladestorm, Hex, Elemental Blade, Spirit blade, Elemental Trap, and Spirit Trap help us in combat effectively, especially with full-power pip Judgement, Hydra, Power Nova, and Ra. Balance also has shields for every school. Balance can cast spells well, with 85% accuracy. You can also alter accuracy, donate pips, and heal. You also will be a big part of a team, for they will rely on you for buffs, and how good Balance is at teamwork.


Balance has weak spells. Even Ra is weak. With our buffs, we might have a shot at killing, and we might not. There is pretty much a "50-50 shot." Also, it is hard to fight Balance bosses, for bosses resist 80% of our attack damage, and Balance has no converts.

Dec 08, 2010
myth is good becuase:

we get the best kind of minions!

we have double hit spells to get rid of the myth shields!

our teacher is brother to the guy who wants to kill us all (i think its kinda ironic XD)

we can stun

i like cake!

that last one was just to emphasize that its delicous but anyways that is why i like myth school