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Discuss your school!!!!

Oct 15, 2010
My school is ICE!
Ice is good because: as somebody said, it can wipe out judgement (with a mere 0 pip tower shield :-) ) also it has a great minion- ice guardian 3 pips- 400 hp uses, frost cat, ice bats, snow shark, ice blade, ice trap- yay good 4 ice! also i like the spell ice armor especially in pvp- x pips, 125 absorb per pip! better than spirit armor in some cases- ex u have a lot of pips and want 2 waste them. okay, the ice spells in order (hopefully)

damage spells
Frost beetle- 65-105 ice damage- 1 pip
Snow serpent- 155-195 " "- 2 pips
Evil snowman- 250?-300 " "- 3 pips
Ice Wyvern- 335-395 " "- 4 pips
Frostbite- 70+ 480" " over 3 rounds- 5 pips
Colossus- 460-540 " "- 6 pips
Frost giant- 475 " " and stun to all enemies- 7 pips
Snow angel- 100+660 " " over 3 rounds and taunt all enemies- 8 pips

Ice Armor- absorb 125 damage per pip for self only- x pips
Snow Shield- -80%to next ice damage-0pips
Volcanic Shield- -70% to next storm and fire damage-0pips
Tower shield- -50% to next damage or drain-0pips
Ice trap- +30% to next ice damage spell-0pips
Stun block- Absorb next ice damage-0pips

Iceblade- +40% to next ice spell-0pips
Melt- dispell next ice spell-2pips

taunt- generate threat on all enemies-2pips
distract- generate threat on target-0pips
freeze- stun target for one round-0pips
ice prism- convert ice damage to fire-0pips
draw health(damage/healing)- sacrifice minion for 350 health-1pips
steal ward-steal 1 positive ward-2pips

balefrost- +35% to all ice damage-2pips
ice guardian- summon a minion of ice-3pips

May 26, 2010
Hey everybody! my main is a fire( also my first) and he is AWESOME! first of all fire is SUPER STRONG against laimo ice!my favorite spells are helephant. we are super strong and we are strongest next storm!(i wish storm was not here so i could be strongest ) i will tell you when i find the STRONGEST FIRE SPELL!

Jul 17, 2009
Yellow, I'm a storm wizard level 53.
One thing i love about storm is the damage the thing I hate most about storm is the complaints. It's bad enough we have really low health and accureccy, but I still can't get over that you made wild bolt terrible. though i must admit now it has 70% damage, but we got lucky when it worked, with 10% accureccy and always insured 1000 damage, it was my second favorite spell to use in a battle. not sure what people found unfair about it. Like said before I love the damage and the excitement of hoping you dont fizzle when your against a boss and you have 100 health, and yet you dont fizzle .
I mostly focus on health and mana gear, with 2354 health and 414 mana it's just awesome.

May 03, 2010
Life (level 60): the healing class has always been my favorite in mmo's. True to this class in general, the two best things about Life are

1. You can solo lots and lots of things by yourself. There's no need to rush - you'll win any reasonable, drawn-out battle.

2. Everyone loves you when you join a team. And you don't ever need to fear the "I need healing"s all around -- just throw them a critical Satyr and watch them become thankful to the utmost!

Life is no Storm in terms of damage, but the difference between them is less than one extra blade, and so Life is still fairly decent in terms of damage. This is, of course, more relavent when you're soloing.

One thing, however, prevents Life from being the best pve class, and that's its lack of global damage spells before level 58. Let's do a bit of calculation to see why this is the single thing that hurts Life the most:

Take Balance for example. Their 3-pip spell, Locust Swarm, hits for 275 on average - pretty reasonable. The 4-pip Sandstorm hits all enemies for 275. Say 3 mobs are on the other side, then Sandstorm hits for 275 * 3 = 825 damage for 4 pips. This is already way more than the most powerful single-target 4-pip spell, Kraken from Storm! These global damage spells, especially when buffed, play a huge part in cutting the battles short. Since Life doesn't have one before level 58, the solo battles will always involve taking the mobs out one by one, and thus will be longer in general.

However, with a teammate or two in other schools, things get drastically different. One Life mage can keep a whole team healthy so they can focus on buffing up and attacking. Now since some pips and turns go to healing already, Seraph / Centaur no longer look like an attractive option. And here comes the secondary purpose of Life in a team: go wild with those buffs and Feints! Every Storm mage will appreciate a timely Elemental Blade, and one Feint before their Immolation can amount to something like two thousand extra damage.

Training points: Ice up to Tower Shield, Death up to Feint
Balance: Elemental Blade, Spiritual Blade, Spirit Trap, Reshuffle

Storm (level 38): The defining characteristics of Storm are big damage, little health and poor accuracy. The best part about Storm is the battles tend to be short, very short if you maximum your deck's damage output. You do need to cover your weaknesses as a Storm mage. Two things are crucial in the early game (Kroks):

1. Go for that Tower Shield (in Ice) as early as possible. At zero pips, it 'heals' you while still letting your pips grow; having Tower Shields makes surviving that much easier, while keeping the battles short.

2. When 60 gold starts to be a non-issue, go to the bazaar and buy like a hundred Sniper treasure cards. (I started doing this late-Kroks.) Fill your treasure deck with Snipers, and every time you cast a battle-ending big spell, enchant it with a Sniper first. This boosts the accuracy of your spells from a miserable 70% to a respectable 90%, and prevents a lot of deaths from fizzling.

Levels 24-28 (Marley) will be tough, but everything changes once you reach level 28 and get your first global damage spell, Tempest, also one of the most powerful Storm spells in the game. At this point seek to maximize your power pip chance with your gears; a lot of battles in Marley and Mooshu will now go like

Tempest wiping out all enemies

And as such, it should be a breeze until at least level 38, and that's where I am now.

Training points: Ice up to Tower Shield. I recommend this for mage of any school, except maybe Ice (duh)
Life up to Sprite. This is debatable; Sprite is more powerful than the non-Life Pixie, and it gives you the ability to revive people, but some people may prefer going for Feint first.
I think I actually went for Sprite before Tower, since Sprite was a level 10 and it also helped with survival.
I'll probably get Feint next.

Balance (level 18): Balance is unique in many respects:

- There's no shield against Balance other than Tower Shield and Weakness. That is, Balance attack spells often get through intact.

- Balanceblade, Hex and Bladestorm work on any spell. This puts Balance up there with Life as the two best team players. A Balance mage can throw buffs at the team all day and suddenly, bam, that Storm mage is hitting for an amount of damage that's beyond his dreams.

Since I'm still in the early game, I can't say much as the early battles aren't that different between the classes. But getting Sandstorm early (level 16) definitely let me sweep across Kroks, and with the training points I'm going for Feint so far.

Dec 13, 2008

here are a few positives and negatives:

healing: helping
hands(pretty good)

weakness:tower shield shields: elemental and spirit

charms(alot!!):precision,balanceblade,black mantle,the -25% damage thingy,spirit blade,and elemental blade

boost:none 8)

spells that attack: scarab,scorpion,locust swarm,spectral blast,hydra,super nova,and ra (which i dont have yet but striving to get)

Jeremy Emeralddust level 48 Master of Balance

Dec 20, 2009
First of all thank you for having the interest of other schools.

I am a student of the Death school.

I like the Vampire and Skeletal Pirate spells. The Skeletal pirate's max damage is around 1,700 damage. The Vampire is around 900. The Vampire heals you half the damage you did on the enemy. The Skeletal Pirate isn't as good but can wipe out the enemy with the right traps and blades when in combat.

I just recently revived I think is called Bugle? It makes the enemy fight on your team for it says 1 round but sometimes is two? It is really helpful if you have multiple enemies. They do not heal you though on the spell is activated. I will either attak one of the enemy or pass if there are none. The thing I do not like about it is that you can't attak them when on your team! :( Well I guess you can't attak other wizards (unless in PvP )

My next spell is the Death globe thing. Then the Wraith. It attaks an average of 500 and heals half. But I think if you ge some good blades and traps on the ememy you can crank up the damage to about maybe 1600 damage? So 800 health given back? SWEET! LOL!

My second school is Myth. I got the Myth globe thing lately and am moving on shortly in 4 levels. :) I hate it how if you have a power pip or two hem you have the have and EXTRA pip and it takes the amount needed and an EXTRA pip. EX: Humongofrog worth 4 pips to all enemies, upgrade to 5 if have a power pip or more. Man that is what stinks about secondary schools. :(

~Elizabeth Heaven, student of the Death school level 29.

Jan 25, 2010
Brianna Wildblood - This Pyromancer is my first wizard ever. My favorite moves on her is Efreet and Fire Elf (You got to admit, its pretty cute!)

Brianna Seablood - This Diviner is currently in Krokotopia. My favorite moves on her is Storm Shark and Stormzilla (Her pet, Frostzilla!)

But my favorite school is Fire :-)

Feb 01, 2010
Mastertechno wrote:
Well i'm Balance and the Balance School is hard to get to because you ethier have to be a Member or a Subscriber.
My favourite cards are; Sandstorm does damage to all targets, helping hands, Hydra ( I don't have it yet )
????? um you have to be a subscriber for any school if you want to go further in the game

Dec 19, 2008
Balance. The strongest School in my opion. I can do 800 with a sadnstorm without any traps or blades, and 1600 wit critical ( 4 pips pr 2 POWER pips )'

Edward Night

Sep 01, 2010
My wizard is death/storm. I like that death hurts and heals . My favorite spell is skeletel dragon. I love how it comes out of a pile of bones . Death may not be the storngest but it is relly cool.

Mar 04, 2010
I have both storm and Ice, but I am going to tell you about storm. Some of our weakness are weakness. Seriously, one thing that storm is really good at is buffing. But when I fight balance minions, I pray that they don't cast weakness. Thank goodness for cleanse charm. Another weakness is our low health. In mooshu, I only had about 1000 maximum health. But we are really good at buffing, blading, taking off weakness and shields. Our highest damage spell is leviathan. ( Lev-i-u-than) Our coolest spell is storm lord, triton, stormzilla, leviathan, kraken, storm shark, lightning bats, storm snake. Wait, is that all of them?

Garrett Starflame, Level 59 storm, Half level until legendary.

Jan 23, 2011
Hi everyone! My main wizard on the game is my prized magus life.
To begin with, when considering attack spells life is the second weakest school :? . This means it is hard to defeat the more challenging bosses. As proof, you have probably seen quite a few grandmaster or even legendary wizards, especially once you get into mooshu. Most of them are probably storm, however, I have only met one legendary life in my entire time on the game. Not only is it that life's attack spells are weak, but thergists also do not get the chance to learn as many of them because the practice of life is mainly focussed on healing.
Here, I come to life's positives. Though life may not be the best at doing damage, they are great at restoring it to themselves. Life is the only school that is able to not only gain more powerful healing spells than the other schools, but can also heal others besides themselves. To add on to the positives, thergists are presented with more health than four of the other schools, which means they take longer to conquer :D . Advice to anyone who is considering a life wizard: being able to heal, life is no doubt an excellent choice for a practice, but this gift comes at a price .
- Monica Silverwhisper level 38 magus thergist

Oct 05, 2010
flash33 wrote:
Well first off, thank you for taking an interst in learning about the other schools.

Now my main wizard (and first wizard) is a fire, so I can give you info on that school.

First off, Fire is the second most powerful school in the game, next to storm, and what sets us apart from the others is our DoT (damage over time) spells.

DoT will have an initial hit, then do some more damage over 3 rounds (its like the opposite of spells like sprite, basically)

Now, some of my favorite spells would be smoke screen (-40% accuracy to all enemies for 1 pip), steal charm (steal 1 positive charm like balanceblade, guiding light, etc.) and fire elemental (fire school minion)

The best part of our school is of course the damage over time. While it's in motion, enemies have a hard time putting up shields to block it, and one of my favorite things about it is while it's going, you can take the time to buff up, shield up, and even heal up if you need to, which is very convenient (at least for me).

Another great thing about fire is we get our school blade, fireblade, right after the enrollment quest, and before any other school, which is awesome.

Our minion is a fire elf tank; by that I mean he loves to spam fire elves constantly, doing a considerable amount of damage during the fight. He also can help with trapping, blading, and shielding (all for fire).

Link is also helpful as it is unique because for 2 pips not only does it do damage over time, but it also does a heal over time as well. It's also the only spell in the game that can remove both weakness AND infection at the same time.

Fire also does well in pvp, especially in 1v1 matches. Our DoT makes it hard for our opponents to shield against us, and fire elemental is a great help in that factor (he's also said to be one of the best minions in the game).

Immolate is your friend. It does 250 damage to you, while doing 600 to an enemy. It's very helpful in removing traps set on you like curse, hex and feint. Just make sure you remember to put a fire shield on you first, to reduce the damage you take.

Steal charm is very helpful too. With it, we can steal a charm from an opponent and use it for our own. For example, if a balance enemy has balanceblade on him, we can use steal charm to take it from him, and use it for our own, at the cost of only 1 pip plus the spell has 80% base accuracy too (ice's steal ward spell can steal a shield, but requires 2 pips to cast, no offense to ice wizards).

Some weaknesses would be the health. While we may be the second strongest, we also have the second lowest health in the game, again, next to storm. Because of this, we can be taken out quite easily.

Also, we also have to wait for the DoT to do its full damage as it's spread out over 3 rounds, which can sometimes be a pain.

Fire Elemental, while helpful, can also be annoying as he can sometimes remove traps on an opponent, which can get annoying at times. He also has relatively low health (400), but it doubles when a spirit armor is cast apon him.

Another annoying thing is that in some of the later worlds like Dragonspyre, there are a TON of fire enemies, which of course, are resistant to fire spells.

In pvp, thermic shield can get pretty annoying, as it shields for both fire AND ice, which can interfere with our prism (fire prism converts the fire damage to ice damage).

I hope I helped shed a bit of light apon the fire school. I would reccomend you make a fire wizard and try the school out, as it would help you get to know the fire school a little bit better, and the same goes for all the other schools as well.

Seth ShadowCloud- Grandmaster fire/storm, former pvp adept veteran.
Seth EmeraldFlame-Journeyman (lv.19) myth, former pvp initiate knight.
Seth GhostHaven-Journeyman (lv.19) death.
Terri GhostStone-Journeyman (lv.15) life.
Logan StarBloom-Journeyman (lv.15) storm.
Blaze DreamStalker-Apprentice (lv.9) death.
Paul LifeSong-Initiate (lv.10) life.

A good friend.

WOOT FIRE ROCKS! dont forget efreet it is a very good spell and works like a charm in pvp. i know i know it is a bit un fair, but still it is awesome! it does a ton of damage and gives a 90% weakness to the target. although myth wizards can manipulate this with minitour (finnally got the advantage of to seprate hits.)

Oct 23, 2008
LegoFan6113 wrote:
I am part of the school of Life and am very proud of it. We got strengths and weaknesses. Some of our strengths are being able to heal, having third highest base health (Balance being tied when Grand but throughout the game Balance has more), having highest accuracy and along with Balance and Death, getting higher accuracy from grand gear due to not needing extra accuracy. As of our weaknesses are shields and resistance due to having low damage, spells that block our heals such as Infection, Entangle (Life dispel) and Doom and Gloom, also another weakness is mostly being targeted first in PvP due to common sense of being able to heal the team and not having any Aura spells or hit all enemies spells. Hope this helps you understand Life better and maybe make a Life character in the future.

Gabriel StarCatcher, Grandmaster Theurgist
Natalie StarCatcher, Master Pyromancer (level 48 soon to be 49)

lol, the person who made this WAS life! lol :D

Dec 12, 2008
izzi250 wrote:
well your gonna learn about the death school :D death is like gore beyond its limits ( only in real life ) we use spells that hurt AND heal at the same time like lets say you casted a ghoul and does 160 damage and it heals you 80 health! our weakness STORM! their power knocks us to the floor! the coolest spell is wraith 5 graves burst through the ground then a wraith pops out of the ground ( he looks like death ) he uses his boney hand to suck heath from the opponnet and heal you half of the damage done to the opponnet the best part of death is that the spells that death has allows you to solo the worst part of being death is being told your powers are weak ( when we can use deathblade fient curse spirit blade etc to turn death into a defeat machine ) there ya go switch to death we are the dominate school of soloing!

hunter legendwraith level50 necromancer
I could hardly understand that but I know it was just bragging

Apr 17, 2010
Great that you want to learn about Ice ( I am Ice anyhows).

The best part of Ice is some of the moves like Ice Colosuss and Frost Giant and Snow Angel. The Weaknesses are probably hit points and health spells. The coolest spell ever has got to be Snow Angel. I think the worst part about Ice is the hit points you have to gear up to get really high hit points.

Thats all you need to know about Ice.
Alexandria lvl 52

Feb 12, 2011
I would like to say about Balance, balance is a great class with many pros and cons, the best thing about balance is that there is no shields against it made to hinder you, we have brilliant skills like:

Judgment: 100 damage per pip

Hydra: 190 fire,ice and storm damage

Spectral blast: 440 fire, 3?0 ice or 5?? storm damage to enemy (not completely sure about ice and storm dmg)

Sandstorm: 240-295 to all opponents (please note this one i am not sure of the damage but along those lines)

Mander minion : summoning spell for 3 pips, it's only offensive move is locust swarm but it is mainly for support, skills include balance blade, elemental trap, spirit trap, donate pips (gives you two pips) and a few shields.

Some of the cons of balance are even though there are no shields, resistance can be a nightmare for the average sorcerer, for example we have prince gobblestone who has a resistance of 50% to balance

Jul 14, 2010
I dont have allot to tell about my school because i am only an adept but i do have to say that my school is fire. Now fire is pretty strong and isnt like any other schools with minions healing or a ton of damage. our school is favored for its hanging spells. now for those who have fire as a secondary school dont learn the exact power of the school of fire because the only hanging spell they learn is fire elf. but fire students can learn amazing spells like heckhound.

My fave spell is heckhound because it can be as powerful as you want it to be.

Anthony Ghostward
Adept Pyromancer

Jun 10, 2009
Hello, I am a Magus Sorcerer and I think Sorcery is the best type of magic because you can mess up the other persons game play. For instance They could be about to use a levithan but you could use a -45 accuarcy and make it fizzle. Balance is very strong in attack too because of judgement. Balance can also heal you with the move Helping Hands. The only hard thing for a balance wiard to face is a myth wizard or myth monster.

Mason S. level 33 Sorcerer in the Kishibe Village

May 08, 2009
My favorite school is DEATH. The fact that it attacks and heals at the same time is useful in dungeons or long fights. Death also has pretty good base health. Death also has the most traps/ blades. For example death blade, death trap, feint, and curse. The weakness of death though is that it's strong but takes awhile to load up with blades and traps, so schools like storm who can attack fairly quick can kill death pretty fast. That's why a believe the best secondary for death is ice. (To get tower shield and volcanic shield)

My favorite death spell (for use) is scarecrow because it works very well against multiple enemies.

My favorite death spell (for appearance) has to be scarecrow.

Apr 11, 2010
All these discuss your school people and not one pure myth wizard yet? *sigh* ok then I'll start (as usual)

The bad:
Myth does not have the good global resist like ice to make up for their medium range attacks and their accuracy isn't so great

Our health isn't so high either and as far as pip management goes, if myth wants to get in and go, we take a little time to start up.

We also do not have in our inventory three (or five) super important spells:
Tower shield
(satyr and infection)
For these we have to spend training points to grab them so it requires some heavy leveling to do.

The good:
Our minions, while they may not appear bright, seem to have simple spell sets that help pressure our opponents. This can quickly give us the edge and frustrate the enemy.

The amazing:

Myth is a counter attack/ambush school.
We can wipe away clean the defenses and offenses of our opponent with one spell, earthquake.
We can rush through shields with our orthrus and minotaur spells and our aggressive wooden puppets can eat up defenses and pick at health pretty nicely.

As a counter attacking school, not only can we wipe away our opponents offense/defense, we can cleanse ourselves of nasty traps with cleanse ward, which I suggest leaving in your deck at all times once you grab it.

So that is myth, pretty much. Best way to describe myth is a counter attacking/ambush school. Although our start up can be slow.

Apr 30, 2009
Life was my first school, and remains my favorite, so that's what i will talk about now. Hope you enjoy learning more about my school :)


There are a lot of good things about the life school, we have the best healing spells in the game, also gaining the power to heal other people. There is great joy in supporting another player or team (at least for me)

We also get the ability to use absorb shields to block 400 damage before it breaks, though it takes 3 pips, once you are stronger you will usually start off with 4 anyway. You can use this to shield your minions too.

The life minion will take life shields off by spamming imps, she will also heal anyone who drops below about 1/3 health. She also has a rare spell that will dispel the next death move used on you. Pair her with an absorb shield to give her 750hp and make sure to keep her shielded because she will annoy the enemy.

The centaur can hit 2000+ and that is without feint, you can also use the new 58 spell to attack all enemies. Make sure to load your deck with life blade, life trap, spirit trap and spirit blade.

Life gets the second highest Hp of any school coming after ice.

The healing over time (HoT "as i call them) spells are exceptional, it counters fires Dot spells very nicely, or you can use them for big heals.

If you load infection spells (-50% next heal spell) and use them on your opponent, then use Sanctuary (Global +50% to all healing) you can get the boost for all your heals without the opponent getting the same bonus.

Guiding light (+30% next heal) coupled with the troll ear pendant (Gives 2 cards of guiding light +40% that stack with normal guiding light.) adds up to a 130% if sanctuary is in play. (Not including clothing boosts)


Because of our large amount of healing spells we give up attack power, though not too much.

Absorb does not block death health stealing spells which can become a problem, use death shields with them.

The life minion will waste traps so be wary of that, it isnt a huge issue.

Guiding light, sanctuary and especially HoT spells are hugely countered by infection. Load a few minor blessing cards to get them off without the use of any pips. (Remember that you will waste any guiding light cards you have used still)

Life get their blade really far off into the game which makes it harder to solo. Our cards also dont get very strong until you have centaur with at least life blade + trap.

Considering all the pros. and cons. life is a great school to play. Every school will have bad things so find ways around them and have a lot of fun trying any school, thanks for reading about life.

Oran Raventhorn - Level 45 Theurgist

May 10, 2009
To me the best part of my school ( storm mainly ) is that my character and school is like me. I like water and rain and watching lighting and thats what storm is, underwaters stuff, rain, storms, etc. My strength is storm's superior strength there is a big debate on the best school but there is no doubt storm is strongest not best so dont get mad at me. Our weakness us obvious, health since we are strongest they even it out by taking away our health and accuracy although if you are lvl 60 like me accuracy is no problem anymore.

Kevin Gianthammer level 60 storm main, 42 balance side, Jack ash 27 myth side.

Mar 10, 2009

One of the strongest schools. More attacks than other schools. Mostly 3 rounds. Real cool spells.

Spells: Fire Cat, Link, Wyldfire, Heckhound, Fire Blade, Fire Trap, Fire Prism, Fire Shield, Glaciel Shield, Fire Elf, Immolate, Meator Strike, Pheonix, Helephant, Fire Dragon, Steal Charm, Smoke Screen, Take Power, Fire Elemantel, Scald, Sun Bird, Choke, and Efreet.

Fire is the best

Luke DeathBlade GrandMaster Pyromancer

Aug 25, 2010
Hi I am Sierra Strongthorn and I am going to be talking about balance.balance is a difficult school to master .When you master the arts of wards and charms then balance is the school for you.balance may be weak when it comes to attack but it is great when it comes to blades and shielding.

here is a list of balance spells (that i know about)
locust swarm
weakness(good for messing with storm)
power play
spectral blast
donate power
elemental trap,shield,and blade
spirit trap, shield ,and blade
sap health(my least favorite)
balance blade
black mantle
the awsome mander minion
helping hands (healing)
judgement( my favorite)
spectral minion
power nova
and last but not least Ra
that is all known balance spells put in a list
enjoy all schools young wizard