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Devoted Players?

Sep 08, 2008
I have subscribed in 2008. I have been playing on and off since. I play for a few months, and then I do not play for a few months. And so on, and so forth.

As for devotion, I feel I am very devoted to this game. I even buy crowns. As if KI needs more of my money. I do not have multiple accounts, nor do I have maximum legendaries. Then again, in my opinion, that does not necessarily reflect how devoted one is.

Jan 14, 2010
Thorvon65, What a great question and thread. Kudos! I have to say that I am a medical student and have very stressfull days and tons of study time that must be met. I was playing WOW but the stress level and time commitment was just to hard for me to manage. My sister introduced me to this game and I tried it out as a way to meet up with her and be able to chat about our days. (we live in different states), but found that I really loved the game play. The game is a stress reliever for me and I love the fact that it is fun and easy to play. If I feel up to a challenge I will tackle a hard dungeon with friends or join a ranked pvp battle. I love the fact that I can keep up with my family/friends easily because my free time is very limited. I sometimes will log on for just 15 min to chat and then say gtg back to studying. The game gives me a quick break when needed, gives me a positive pick-me-up from my social contacts and allows me to beat up on bosses when I feel stressed. Quick, fun, stressfree and social contact with friends and family (mostly family for me), what more could you ask for. I will be keeping my accounts for a long time. Keep it up KI.

Jan 14, 2010
etherchaos wrote:
I'd say i'm pretty devoted. What keeps me coming back? I think it's that desire to play 'the hero', even if it is just in a game- it still makes me feel appreciated. The desire to feel wanted or needed is a strong driving factor, and i think it can be seen in the game and even on these message boards. Look at how many people on here jump in to help with game guidance or are willing to assist people that they don't even know. I think it's a good thing, and there are a lot of cool people on here all united for a common interest- to have fun in this great game! Or something. -etherchaos

Yes, I'd say the "hero-factor" is a fun part of the game for me also. I love to run around and help out other wizards in need. Some nights I dont even have a chance to work on any of my own personal quests as I am so busy jumping from one wizard to the next as they ask for help, lol. For me, as a medical student, I can actually already save lives! in a quick non-stress ful way. :D love it.

Dec 13, 2009
I adore W101, I really do. I subscribed the year it was released, and I have been playing since. In middle school, I was bullied a lot, and to be honest, it was this game that helped me get by, along with the series Warriors. (read it!!) I do't know what I would have done if I hadn't found this game!

Also, I am a very devoted player. As I get older, it becomes harder and harder for me to find times to play, but so far I have been managing.

Jasmine Bluedust, level 26 thaumaturge!!

May 23, 2011
To be honest I play because the game is doing great and I want to see how long I will play it. I have a feeling I am going to stay on this game for a long time :)

Nov 18, 2010