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Crowns or Membership/Subscription?

Apr 22, 2012
Which is better- buying crowns or buying a membership/subscription?

Whether you purchase a Membership or Pay by Zone, really depends on how you think you will play the game.

If you plan to push through as much of the content as possible in the shortest amount of time, then a month to month Membership is the best value for you.

If you plan to play several characters over a long period of time, then a 6-month or 1-year Membership is probably the best value for you.

If you only have a few hours a week to spare, or will hold off playing for long periods of time, then purchasing individual zones is the best value for your time. It allows you to purchase just the next street you need to progress, and once you've purchased a zone, it's accessible to all your characters on that account. Purchasing individual zones lets you progress at your own pace without feeling like you have a Membership hanging over your head.

The prices for the individual zones can be found here: https://www.wizard101.com/game/areapricing
If you're not sure, then use the Free to Play portion of the game as your guide. See how fast you move through to the end of Triton Avenue, and gauge your passion and your available time accordingly.

Jun 29, 2011
James DragonCrafte... on Jul 1, 2014 wrote:
Which is better- buying crowns or buying a membership/subscription?
Both have advantages, and disadvantages. Personally, I prefer subscription, because,
you can go anywhere you like and have freedom.

Jun 16, 2014
I purchased a 12 month subscription, because I plan on making many chars and not wanting to rush thru but rather take my time. I'll also be buying crowns because there is a few crown Items I want.

Jun 20, 2014
During the summer I buy a $20 2 month subscription pre paid card at Best Buy because I tend to play 3-4 hours a day (whoops). For the rest of the year I pay by crowns because gotta maintain that 4.0 GPA ;)

See you around the spiral! - Ellie Ashcloud

Sep 09, 2012
Both is obviously BEST, but if money s an issue then get a membership. It is cheaper and you can use gold to buy a few things in the crown shop anyway.

Apr 22, 2012
Thanks for all the help!
James DragonCrafter
lvl 46