Zone Pricing

Pay as You Go Pricing

Free to Play Players can choose to purchase individual Pay as you Go Zones of Wizard101 without a Wizard101 Membership. It allows you to purchase just the next zone you need to progress, and once you've purchased a zone, it's accessible to all your characters on that account who have completed the quests to enter that zone.

Pay as you Go Zones purchased on Family Master Accounts do not carry over to Sub accounts.

  • Wizard City Premium Zone Pricing
      Commons  Free!
      Pet Pavilion  Free!
      Ravenwood  Free!
      Shopping District  Free!
      Fairegrounds  Free!
      Golem Court  Free!
      Unicorn Way  Free!
      Triton Avenue  Free!
      Haunted Cave  Free!
      Nightside  Free!
      Dark Cave  Free!*
      Cyclops Lane  750
      Firecat Alley  750
      Colossus Boulevard  750
      Crab Alley
      Deep Warrens
      Wailing Caverns
      750 for three zones
      Sunken City  750
    *Dark Cave is free with purchase of Firecat Alley or Cyclops Lane
    Dueling Arena/Pet Pavilion
      Practice PvP/Derby  Free
      Ranked PvP/Derby   80/match
      240/ 24hour Day Pass  
  • Aquila Premium Dungeon Zone Pricing
      Mount Olympus for Level 30+ Wizards    2495  
      Atlantea for Level 70+ Wizards  3245
      Tartarus for Level 90+ Wizards  3995

    Dungeon Rentals - 645
    For Crowns players, we have added an additional option to rent these fun Dungeon Zones. You can rent a single Dungeon for six hours for 645.

    Dungeon Zones
    These special Dungeon Zones not only have challenging dungeons for different levels of Wizards, but also new characters and story line. Aquila Dungeons are challenging, but yield great rewards!
  • Krokotopia Premium Zone Pricing
      Three zones for 915  
      Altar of Kings
      Royal Hall
      Chamber of Fire  915
      Palace of Fire  915
      Throne Room of Fire  915
      Three zones for 915  
      Entrance Hall
      Hall of Champions
      Grand Arena  915
      Vault of Ice  915
      Emperor's Retreat  915
      Tomb of Storms
      Four zones for 915  
      Well of Spirits
      Ahnic Family Tomb
      Djeserit Family Tomb
      Karanahn Barracks  915
      Karanahn Palace  915
      Temple of Storms  915
      Tomb of the Beguiler  915
  • Wysteria Premium Zone Pricing
      Pigswick Academy    1000  
      Pegasus Place  1000
      Tanglewood Way  1000
  • Marleybone Premium Zone Pricing
      Regent's Square
      Four zones for 1200  
      Royal Museum
      Digmoore Station
      Hyde Park
      Chelsea Court  1200
      Ironworks  1200
      Kensington Park  1200
      Scotland Yard Roof
      Two zones for 1200  
      Newgate Prison
      Knight's Court  1200
      Katzensteins Lab  1200
      Counterweight East  1200
      Counterweight West  1200
      Big Ben  1200
  • Mooshu Premium Zone Pricing
      Jade Palace
      Two zones for 1200  
      Hametsu Village
      Tatakai Outpost  1200
      Crimson Fields  1200
      Yoshihito Temple
      Two zones for 1200  
      Ancient Burial Ground
      Village of Sorrow  1200
      Tree of Life  1200
      Shoshun Village
      Two zones for 1200  
      Cave of Solitude
      Kishibe Village  1200
      Shirataki Temple  1200
  • Dragonspyre Premium Zone Pricing
      The Basilica
      Three zones for 1200  
      The Atheneum
      The Tower Archives
      Plaza of Conquests  1200
      The Grand Chasm  1200
      The Necropolis
      Two zones for 1200  
      The Drake Hatchery
      The Crucible  1200
      The Labyrinth  1200
      Dragonspyre Academy
      Two zones for 1200  
      The Crystal Grove
      The Forum  1200
      The Great Spyre  1200
  • Celestia Premium Zone Pricing
      Survey Camp  
      Three zones for 1695   
      Celestia Base Camp  
      District of the Stars  
      Two zones for 1695   
      The Floating Land  
      Two zones for 1695   
      Stormriven Hall
      Two zones for 1695   
      The Lunarium
      Science Center
      Two zones for 1695   
      Crustacean Empire
      The Solar District
      Two zones for 1695   
      Trial of the Spheres
  • Zafaria Premium Zone Pricing
      Baobab Cross  
      Three zones for 1695   
      Baobab Crown  
      Baobab Market
      Savannah    1695   
      Two zones for 1695   
      Zamunda Outskirts
      Stone Town
      Two zones for 1695   
      Drum Jungle
      Two zones for 1695   
      Elephant Graveyard
      Mirror Lake
      Two zones for 1695   
      Shining Mountain
  • Grizzleheim & Wintertusk Premium Zone Pricing
      Two zones for 1995  
      Savarstaad Pass
      Vigrid Roughland  1995
      Mirkholm Keep  1995
      Four zones for 1995  
      Hall of Valor
      Winterdeep Warren
      Helgrind Warren
      Ravenscar  1995
      Hrundle Fjord  1995
      Vestrilund  1995
      Astrilund  1995
      Sudrilund  1995
      Nastrond  Two zones for 1995
  • Avalon Premium Zone Pricing
      Three zones for 1695   
      Abbey Road  
      High Road
      Upper and Lower Caer Lyon    1695   
      The Wild    1695   
      The Wyrd  
      Two zones for 1695   
      Dun Dara
      Castle Avalon
      Three zones for 1695   
      Lake Shore
      Deep Water
      Five zones for 1695   
      Crystal Caves
      Ghost Avalon
      Keep of Ganelon
      Restored Keep
  • Azteca Premium Zone Pricing
      Three zones for 1995   
      Three Points  
      Mangrove Marsh  
      Two zones for 1995   
      Saltmeadow Swamp
      Zultun Dock  
      Two zones for 1995   
      Cloudburst Forest
      Tierra de Brea  
      Two zones for 1995   
      Pitch Black Lake
      Alto Alto Village  
      Two zones for 1995   
      Floating Mountains
      Twin Giants  
      Two zones for 1995   
  • Khrysalis Part 1 Premium Zone Pricing
      Three zones for 1995   
      Silent Market   
      Moon Cliffs
      Last Wood  
      Two zones for 1995   
      Tyrian Gorge
      Fort Rachias    One zone for 1995