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Crown Items

May 31, 2009
I recently stop buying crown items. Reason for this is the way the game has changed through time.
When I first began playing KI If I had a problem they were quick to help me but today I am fortunate to get a response. Example of this was when i was buying a large amount of the crown packs and when my wizards became full with items i had to sell or delete them off to make room for more in my pack.
I had a limited edition christmas moose in my pack I accidently deleted It hit me hard because a friend and me had bought them as a pair to keep but now it was deleted. I asked KI If there was any way I could get the Moose back, and after all the crowns I have spent in time and all the Crown items I have purchased in the past I felt maybe they would help me.
I never got even a response from them.
For this reason I have cut way back on my spending here at KI. Personal service goes a long way. I figure I was spending around 200 to 300 a month on game but this has changed a LOT. If they had help me get the moose back or least responded to my emails it might be different. The mega snacks is the same issue with me. If you spend a certain amount of crowns or buy a certain amount of crowns they should give you maybe a free mega snack pack. To make buying crowns a better thing.

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Jun 19, 2009
Also a problem is: Just because you spend your life savings on this, or any game, does not mean you deserve different treatment. Johnny spends $5 a month. I spend $60 a month. Does that mean I get better/quicker treatment? Um, no.