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Critical and Block System

Jan 09, 2011
I say forget the critical/block rating system!! Give me more health, I'm always looking forward into leveling up to get more health and new spells and I run into this? If it critical hit work more often than not, it would soooo much help but it doesn't. I die most of the time because I have a health of a level 50 pyromancer. I'm level 58! Give me more health, it gets really frustrating to keep dying at this level.

Feb 22, 2011
If +15 block = 1% Crit
If 1% Crit = 1% chance to do X2 damage


Assuming 1000 damage base hit

1% Crit = 20 "extra damage on average"
(.1 X 1000) X 2

Since 1% accuracy on 1000 damage = 10 (until 100% accuracy)
Since 1% damage on 1000 damage = 10

2% Crit = 1% accuracy = 1% Damage roughly

Anyone have any thoughts on my math?

Mar 27, 2009
Why does it show 107 or whatever the case critical and then only give you like 15%?