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Best way to spend training points death school

Jul 06, 2015
Im not sure what to get im lvl 27 and saving up training points 1 atm cause i bought tower shield and weakness. I looked at a couple of guides on the web that say go myth - minotaur or myth - earthquake or should i do something else?

Jun 08, 2012
I'm a level 70 Death wizard and I prefer Balance as a secondary school.

Spirit Blade and Spirit Trap are extremely useful to a death wizard. Weakness is pretty useful too.

With the power of Death spells to damage enemies and heal you at the same time, it will be pretty rare that you will use another school's spells to deal damage. But, in those rare events, I'm rather fond of Spectral Blast. At four pips I can cast it first turn to easily defeat lower level minions (I have a balance mastery amulet, and a 89% power pip chance, so odds are good I'll have two power pips first turn). Also, Hydra is a pretty cool spell, especially if you combine it with Balance's Elemental Trap and Elemental Blade.

Mostly I've found though that you'll probably want to save as many training points as you can for when you reach Celestia to study Astral spells. Colossal and Amplify are both invaluable!

Oct 09, 2011
Myth will serve you well until Dragonspyre or Celestia. After that it's basically useless. I'd say save your training points for Sun school damage enchantments and possibly auras.

Oh and get Spirit Blade from Niles in the Krokosphinx

Jul 24, 2010
If you really want to spend your training points wisely, then I suggest training in the ice school until you get Tower Shield. After that, you'll want to train Spirit Blades and maybe Spirit Traps from Niles in Krokotopia. If you do that you should have plenty of training points for the astral schools.