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Best School

Aug 14, 2011
As someone who has all schools 100+, there is no "best." Some are better than others at specific things but then lack in other criterias. Ice, Balance, and Fire are the best at PvP. Due to their ridiculously high health and resist, taking down an Ice wizard in 1v1 is very hard. Storms will almost always die to them. Yes, they have high damage, but they lack overtimes. One little tower and a Storm is done for. Balance has Loremaster, which is easily the best spell in PvP. Its low pips and can be both offensive and defensive. This spell alone carries Balances. Fire is an insane trap stacker. With Fire Beetle spam, a couple of Brimstone Revenants here and there, and a big FFA to top it all off, Fire hits the hardest in PvP (NOT Storm). They are very hard to shield against and have nearly limitless combos. One could almost say they're relatively close to "overpowered" if it wasn't for their low health.
In PvE, Balance is awful, Fire is mediocre, and Ice is good for soloing, but they're relatively outclassed in every way when it comes to team gameplay. Death shines in PvE and can be an amazing solo school, but they can also be a good team school. They can blade teammates frequently and heal with sacrifice. Storm isn't very good at soloing, but they are spectacular teammates. They are the go-to school when taking out big health bosses. Life is another amazing PvE school. They dominate the solo world, and they are beloved by every player in team gameplay.
Myth is right in the center of both. They can PvP, but they're not quite as good as Ice, Balance, or Fire. They can solo and have some amazing minions to do so, but they are weaker than Fire, yet they have the same health. Regardless, Myth has more accuracy than Fire and has more versatility while soloing than Fire does. They are the 3rd strongest school in the game, and in the absence of a Storm or Fire, can make great primary hitters in team gameplay.
-Brianna IceWeaver 130
-Alyssa StormHeart 130
-Molly SandBlade 130
-Adam SilverRider 130
-Anna LifeWielder 130
-Jennifer DeathWraith
-Jacqueline Fire 100

Aug 15, 2012
DestroyYou321 on Jan 2, 2018 wrote:
I know this may cause an uproar, but I'm asking about your favorite school. Not necessarily best, but favorite. Personally, I think storm is really good, but only if you can get items that give good accuracy. My favorite though, is balance. Surprisingly, I'm an ice wizard. Exited to see your answers.
Hunter NightTheif 53
lol my answer is death. heal and hit. i also like fire.

Aug 15, 2012
Freshta on Jan 16, 2018 wrote:
Best all around school, in my opinion, is Fire. It is easy to solo, hits hard, has plenty of options for getting around shields, and Fire does really well in PVP.

Beyond that, here are some interesting ways to break down the various schools and the ways they can play:

Best schools for soloing are Fire, Ice, Life and Death.

Best schools for supporting others are Balance, Life, Ice and Death.

Best schools for hitting hard are Storm, Fire, Myth and Life.

Best schools for effective mastery of a second school are Balance and Death. (They have universal blades and/or traps.)

Best schools for complicated game play and strategy are Myth, Death, Balance and Ice. (These are schools with the most tricks up their sleeves!)

Best schools for a challenging beginning are Storm, Ice, and Life. (These schools are difficult to master in the earlier part of the game, but each becomes easier and much more powerful later on.)

Best schools for an easy beginning and huge challenges later on are Balance, Myth and Death. (Myth has few AoE attacks and their minions become a problem. Death and Balance suffer from low base damage & universal buffs that make it tough to remove shields and weaknesses.)

Best schools for minion choices are Myth, Balance, and Death. (Death has one minion, but it's an x-pip so you actually have a dozen minions to choose from!)

Best schools for PVP are Balance, Ice and Fire. (Though they take turns being number one, these schools always seem to land in the top three spots.)

Alia Misthaven
i agree. but the problem with life is, they go after you in like a pvp battle :)

Aug 15, 2012
Wizard Girl 200 on Jun 1, 2018 wrote:
Ok, so I have a level 35 and 27 that I am working and playing with at the moment and I have been thinking to start a new wizard, but from all the posts I have read I think or would b good choices, but I really don't know, so can somthing help me out in this area and share your opinions on and .

Jessica Fire Spear
i would go with ice if you wanted to build health. storm is more of a hitting class. of course ice can hit not badly
takes a bit longer to master ice then storm though. storm is pretty simple. hit and get out.

Aug 20, 2009
For leveling it’s storm, for pvp it’s storm, and for pvp right now it’s probably fire.

Aug 20, 2009
For leveling it’s storm, for pve it’s storm, and for pvp it’s most likely fire.

Dec 31, 2015
Mar 15, 2009
I think the best school is obviously Moon. What other school lets you play all schools at once? Moon FTW

May 29, 2017
Honestly, the best school i'd say is storm.. BUT
it all comes up into opinion of what your favorite school is
so just make a account with the school that'd you like to make

May 17, 2019
Okay there are two things called PVP & PVE

For PVP I sure love fire ice & finally life

But for questing/ PVE i am pretty sure storm is the best

But Fire is decent at both

130 130

Jan 19, 2014
If I had to make a list... In my opinion

1) Extremely easy to solo. With the right gear can be a healing tank or a hitter. Extremely good in PvP and PvE with a lot of good/really cool spells such as forest lord, caterpillar and not Wings of Fate. Nah just kidding, but it was also the First and Only I ever chose using the book of secrets, the little test when you make a new character to determine your school. So naturally my wiz is my first love. I feel as when soloing with a wizard the battle is Steady and not to fast or slow paced.

2) I know myth is the least popular school but I found it extremely easy to solo with a life mastery, learning up to satyr, feint and tower shield along with some enchants and auras. is in an odd spot when it comes to usefulness and position in farming a dungeon like darkmoor. and are better hitters, also storm is the most popular school to be. At the same time, myth can't really be a super healing tank like can be. Which is probably why this school is unpopular. I find this school unique though and I'm very fond of it. I love the spells and had such an easy time with it. It's also a pretty great school in PvP

3) Fire is a fantastic school and another favorite of mine, but like myth, is in the shadow of wizards when it comes to hitting. I have a lot of fun using especially with big damage DOTS and rain of fire. Can be hard at times to solo however but in the long run it's almost not any trouble considering this school can dish out lots of damage. Can a great school in PvP but I wouldn't really know considering I don't PvP that often

4) A school I always use, generally because it's the one that does the most damage in the shortest amount of time. Some of the spells are neat, but generally I only use this school because it's the easiest to use in farming. Though I do like being the hitter because I feel in control of the battle among my group. Soloing wise and in PvP this school is a Go big or Go home kind of school because you can easily get wrecked fast. At the same time you can probably kill faster than the other schools.

5) Balance is a school I've love and hated at the same time. To me it's a double-edged sword. For PvP and for tanking/supporting it's a great school and really can't be matched for supporting. For soloing, the school, and especially for me, was extremely hard to solo. Due to the weak blades and balance not having great damage (not counting triple damage pets) balance is, for sure a better supporting school. I am not a big support guy myself, which is why I put myth, storm, and fire in the top 4, (with the exception of life of course) . is a great and a top tier PvP school though with lots of unique spells like manaburn and powernova (the one that affects auras)

6) Ice is by far, the #1 tanking school. Though it isn't much of a healer, it's tanking is unmatched with tons of HP and tons of shields. A difficult school to solo though nonetheless. The solo battles take longer and I'm not a big fan of slow paced battles. Though is a great school for PvP and for needing a huge tank for farming. Like with balance, I'm just not a tank guy.

7) Now I know this one is an unpopular opinion, death being the least favorite. Now part of this is due to being the only school I don't have a max level wizard. The spells are kinda neat, and the draining is a big part of the school. This school can be a tank; with plague and sacrifice, etc. It can also be a hitter, with deer knight and such. Personally, and in my opinion of course, I find this school relatively boring. My wiz is only in zafaria and even with deer knight I find it really boring to use my death. Of course if my death wiz was higher level I'd probably find it more exciting and that is true but based off my months as playing as death it's just not something I "Click" with.

Extra: I know there are some unpopular opinions in this. Due to how much experience I have with them. Overall I love this game and I do enjoy using every school. Everyone has their own opinions and I hope you find whatever school you love!

Also this guide is mainly based off of PvE and soloing within the game itself. I made this list based off those factors and experience and PvP did not sway my choices at all. If this was a PvP list, balance would probably be at the top and the list would be way different.

Sep 22, 2019
will always be my favourite school in Wizard 101, since it can dominate in PvP, as well as be a very effective supportive class whether that be in PvP or in boss fights. It's unique in the sense that it can assist any and every other school, and dish out some damage of its own dependant on the gear. Though, it's decently difficult to solo all the way through the game to level 130. However, due to how it's influential over every other school, I'd determine it superior in that sense. I have a similar opinion but it's more of a support class itself due to the healing you can do to others. As someone who frequent support roles in other games, they are my favourable classes.
, or are pretty much the GO TO classes if you want a solid solo-play, especially . The damage they output is immense and death even allows you to regain the health you lost in a fight. You can't go wrong by choosingany of these classes. They're the most frequent out of all other schools, alas, this is what I've been seeing in my time playing over the years across various accounts.
and would probably be the two left out classes IMO, simply because is generally a tanky class and not many people stick to that school due to how it's built to have major health, and not attack so well, being alike in the sense that you just stun people. Though again, handy in PvP, not so if you want to solo play the game later on.

All in all, balance ftw

Apr 20, 2015
2.:Ice is by far the most underrated of all the schools even though it has the highest max health and great defensive spells.The only reason it isn't no.1 is because of its low damage.
3.:The best support and healer in the game (also it's a great emergency option).
4.:Death is a really good solo magic and a decent support .
5.:Balance is powerful and incredible at support SO WHY IS IT NO.5 SENSEI? Look here's the thing it's ridiculous to learn seeing as that you literally have to be a member to learn it . At least death was a good beginner class.
and at joint last place.Both of these schools where considered great a t he time but now every school can do what these schools do. Most schools has a minion and a DoT spell ;heck even ice and death can replace fire at Dot and death replaces myth's minions with ease.