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Best School

Jun 21, 2009
For me, Life has always been a class that I main. I've tried Death, Ice, and Storm, but honestly if I'm playing with a group of friends, someone's gotta heal. That person is usually me, big surprise. I tend to sub in Storm or Fire as a Life wizard, because the attacks are great when trying to solo. I might just be incredibly bad at the game, but with the kind of low attacks Life has in the beginning, hooo boy I could never survive if I didn't have that Kraken spell from Storm.

- Diana Jade Level 31

Mar 09, 2019
The best school is definitely a hard choice. But my three favorites are 100%... 3. Life 2. Balance and 1. Storm! If you use these three together in a PvP or PvE then your gonna have fun! (If you want a 4th choice then probably fire)

Jul 22, 2012
Feb 12, 2015
I always play on my Storm Wizard. That kind of playing style suits me best. My message is: play to your strengths! Take the Book of Secrets test, instead of just choosing a school. Whatever comes out is most likely best suited to you!

Nov 19, 2010
As someone who has played a good amount of time on Storm and Death, I can say that I think Death is better. Why? Because most of their attacks heal them back, while Storm's doesn't. Yes, it may take longer to defeat bosses, but it's not that much harder considering you get healed to full after practically every attack. My Storm has a lot of health for a Storm and he struggles with a lot of bosses in Khrysalis. My Death is on Zafaria right now and has been able to do all of the bosses (except Belloq) solo (I'm on Waterfront right now). I can solo most bosses except for the final world dungeons, and ones with hard cheats (Belloq).

Dec 31, 2009
Dec 24, 2018
Firevis the best FULL STOP!!
#1 cuz fire
#2 necromancer's boi
#4cuz gardening was lit
#5I hate the cold
#6just sucks
#7teacher hates me

Apr 24, 2011
My personal favorite is Death, I like to solo and it's pretty much the best solo school. The swap health is always handy. Don't need to find health wisps after a battle, farming, or doing mobs. The stats are very balanced and again don't need to waste pips or rounds on heals. I don't even carry heals or shields anymore unless I'm doing really tough battles like Medulla.

Second fave is Balance, once you've solo'd a balance, most of the other schools just come easier (my opinion.)

Third is storm, high damage, need I say more?

Jun 28, 2009
I'll skip the whole "all schools are good" platitude. I will also be speaking from personal experience with every single class, having at least 1 maxed wizard of each class spread across all of my accounts.

Storm is best.

High damage with the good versatility of soloing anything so long as you have good gear, and have good game sense in terms of deck set up. 2 tempests, bugs, and one or two blades can easily kill any mob in the game, throw in 2 feints and it can kill any boss. No other school (except fire) can really do that effectively.

Life is next.

Every team needs a life to survive big fights. Life gets it done, and is purpose-built to do so.


Fire is just storm with less critical and higher attack. The spells are ok, but the absence of a spell like tempest drops it on the list.


Balance is an OP support class. Balance blade is a big reason why.


Death is great for soloing things. Its role on a team is mainly just to feint, but also makes a semi-decent support character.


Ice can tank and can use tower shield. But tower shield is trainable. Life is a better option for tank with jade gear because they also will heal.


Myth is useless and has no role in a team. Removing shields is its only redeeming quality.

Nov 15, 2018
Oct 23, 2018
My favorite is death!

I love being able to make it easy to hit!

Mar 09, 2019
My favourite school would be Balance. You would be able to have access to all the elements in terms of spells. For example, one balance spell called Hydra which has Storm, Fire and Ice damage. Balance is quite a fun school. I always used to struggle choosing which school I should do. So then, one day I just took the test and answered honestly. I ended being a Balance wizard! And I'm quite thankful for that. Balance is an amazing school.

- Marcus

Jun 20, 2015
Its a common school, I get it- but its honestly awesome.

I love Fire, always have. I have certainly tried other schools but none of them really stuck like Fire has. Not to mention it was also my first school that was chosen for me from the quiz, so duh.

-Decent damage with powerful spells
-Pretty easy to go solo with
-Straight forward, not as confusing as some other schools

Not going to lie though, the spells can get boring. I see so many other schools with such "eye candy" and "visually appealing" like spells, and then there is just fire's sad excuse for a play... I hope maybe fire can get some nice upgrades to their cards or replacements. Maybe its just me noticing this, I have an artistic mind- but meanwhile there are super cool spells like "Deer Knight","Kraken", or even "Knomes"... Meanwhile all we have is yuck.

Just my opinion though, not getting very descriptive or wordy.

Fire is

Jul 13, 2015
Jan 24, 2010
In my opinion it goes: . Myth is best. Most hate it, but thats because its difficult to master. But thats what I like a challenge. When the games too easy then I'm not having fun.

May 20, 2017
Jasmine3429 on Mar 13, 2019 wrote:
The best school is the one you enjoy playing the most.
Which is the best?

Feb 06, 2011
Jun 24, 2018
Personally, my favourite school is and might always be storm
It deals a lot of damage, and with a life mastery amulet, you could solo a fair amount of dungeons & bosses.

Jun 18, 2019
I love the school Death and Storm mostly. Death wizards can heal and attack at one time. So it's helpful when going solo. When it comes to a group of people or my friends, It's kind of hard to keep up. Since Death does decent damage (but not as powerful as Storm), it's hard to do great damage when with other people. Storm is my second favorite because it it super powerful, but fizzles more easily (sadly). hi im reuben:)

Jan 07, 2013
Probably Death because it has some draining spells so do damage gain health its simple isn't it?

Jul 10, 2019
I'd personally go with the School of Storm. Yes, the accuracy is terrible, but that can be solved with a bit of time and effort.

  • Very powerful spells early on, leading to some easy early boss fight wins.
  • Professor Halston Balestrom is a unique NPC. A little quirky at times, and generally my favorite of the bunch.
  • The house for the School of Storm is very nice looking, and can make you feel powerful at times.
  • Some of the items and outfits related to the School of School are pretty nice. Especially the later ones.


  • Prepare to deal with constant fizzling with all of your spells early on in the game. This can sometimes lead to quick deaths by some of the weaker enemies. Even Lost Souls.
  • Most of the early enemies you'll encounter are sadly within the School of Storm. This is most noticeable on Triton Avenue. I know it's a Storm area, but most of the enemies roaming it are classified as undead enemies, so it's a bit odd and may confuse newer players.


- Kane Storm, School of Storm

Jul 08, 2019
Jul 08, 2019
ben1to13 on Jan 16, 2018 wrote:
I think death is the best school because it's apparently really easy to solo with it.
Yeah, it is, except when you get to the near end of kroptopia.

Apr 07, 2014
In order

(I have no opinion for because I haven't experienced it.)
( Its great for most things (Soloing, PVP) and some spells are useful (Like damage overtime or to all enemies.))

(I dislike it because of PVP)

Nov 24, 2017