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Best School

Aug 14, 2011
As someone who has all schools 100+, there is no "best." Some are better than others at specific things but then lack in other criterias. Ice, Balance, and Fire are the best at PvP. Due to their ridiculously high health and resist, taking down an Ice wizard in 1v1 is very hard. Storms will almost always die to them. Yes, they have high damage, but they lack overtimes. One little tower and a Storm is done for. Balance has Loremaster, which is easily the best spell in PvP. Its low pips and can be both offensive and defensive. This spell alone carries Balances. Fire is an insane trap stacker. With Fire Beetle spam, a couple of Brimstone Revenants here and there, and a big FFA to top it all off, Fire hits the hardest in PvP (NOT Storm). They are very hard to shield against and have nearly limitless combos. One could almost say they're relatively close to "overpowered" if it wasn't for their low health.
In PvE, Balance is awful, Fire is mediocre, and Ice is good for soloing, but they're relatively outclassed in every way when it comes to team gameplay. Death shines in PvE and can be an amazing solo school, but they can also be a good team school. They can blade teammates frequently and heal with sacrifice. Storm isn't very good at soloing, but they are spectacular teammates. They are the go-to school when taking out big health bosses. Life is another amazing PvE school. They dominate the solo world, and they are beloved by every player in team gameplay.
Myth is right in the center of both. They can PvP, but they're not quite as good as Ice, Balance, or Fire. They can solo and have some amazing minions to do so, but they are weaker than Fire, yet they have the same health. Regardless, Myth has more accuracy than Fire and has more versatility while soloing than Fire does. They are the 3rd strongest school in the game, and in the absence of a Storm or Fire, can make great primary hitters in team gameplay.
-Brianna IceWeaver 130
-Alyssa StormHeart 130
-Molly SandBlade 130
-Adam SilverRider 130
-Anna LifeWielder 130
-Jennifer DeathWraith
-Jacqueline Fire 100

Aug 15, 2012
DestroyYou321 on Jan 2, 2018 wrote:
I know this may cause an uproar, but I'm asking about your favorite school. Not necessarily best, but favorite. Personally, I think storm is really good, but only if you can get items that give good accuracy. My favorite though, is balance. Surprisingly, I'm an ice wizard. Exited to see your answers.
Hunter NightTheif 53
lol my answer is death. heal and hit. i also like fire.

Aug 15, 2012
Freshta on Jan 16, 2018 wrote:
Best all around school, in my opinion, is Fire. It is easy to solo, hits hard, has plenty of options for getting around shields, and Fire does really well in PVP.

Beyond that, here are some interesting ways to break down the various schools and the ways they can play:

Best schools for soloing are Fire, Ice, Life and Death.

Best schools for supporting others are Balance, Life, Ice and Death.

Best schools for hitting hard are Storm, Fire, Myth and Life.

Best schools for effective mastery of a second school are Balance and Death. (They have universal blades and/or traps.)

Best schools for complicated game play and strategy are Myth, Death, Balance and Ice. (These are schools with the most tricks up their sleeves!)

Best schools for a challenging beginning are Storm, Ice, and Life. (These schools are difficult to master in the earlier part of the game, but each becomes easier and much more powerful later on.)

Best schools for an easy beginning and huge challenges later on are Balance, Myth and Death. (Myth has few AoE attacks and their minions become a problem. Death and Balance suffer from low base damage & universal buffs that make it tough to remove shields and weaknesses.)

Best schools for minion choices are Myth, Balance, and Death. (Death has one minion, but it's an x-pip so you actually have a dozen minions to choose from!)

Best schools for PVP are Balance, Ice and Fire. (Though they take turns being number one, these schools always seem to land in the top three spots.)

Alia Misthaven
i agree. but the problem with life is, they go after you in like a pvp battle :)

Aug 15, 2012
Wizard Girl 200 on Jun 1, 2018 wrote:
Ok, so I have a level 35 and 27 that I am working and playing with at the moment and I have been thinking to start a new wizard, but from all the posts I have read I think or would b good choices, but I really don't know, so can somthing help me out in this area and share your opinions on and .

Jessica Fire Spear
i would go with ice if you wanted to build health. storm is more of a hitting class. of course ice can hit not badly
takes a bit longer to master ice then storm though. storm is pretty simple. hit and get out.

Aug 20, 2009
For leveling it’s storm, for pvp it’s storm, and for pvp right now it’s probably fire.

Aug 20, 2009
For leveling it’s storm, for pve it’s storm, and for pvp it’s most likely fire.

Dec 31, 2015
Mar 15, 2009
I think the best school is obviously Moon. What other school lets you play all schools at once? Moon FTW

May 29, 2017
Honestly, the best school i'd say is storm.. BUT
it all comes up into opinion of what your favorite school is
so just make a account with the school that'd you like to make

May 17, 2019
Okay there are two things called PVP & PVE

For PVP I sure love fire ice & finally life

But for questing/ PVE i am pretty sure storm is the best

But Fire is decent at both

130 130