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Win loss Ratios

Jan 05, 2010
Been Gone for 5 months now...

Just wanted to know if our win loss Ratio's from the first age are still wiped, meaning invisible to other players? This is the reason why I quit the game I played daily for three years.

In April 2013, we made the following announcement about PvP ranks and you can read more at the link

Change is never easy, young Wizards. As we go forward with some changes to our Player vs Player matching system and rewards system, it is necessary for us to put everyone back on the same level playing field. To do this, we will be ending what is called the 'First Age' of PvP in Wizard101. This means that you will receive a badge that reflects the PvP & Derby badge you earned the day this update was applied to the Live Game. You will be able to display this badge at any time.

All current PvP Ranks will be reset to 500. This does not impact your Arena Ticket balance.

Jan 05, 2010
I've read the update notes in April...

The badge was a good way to carry along your rank into the new age, not a bad idea at the time.

The reason I (and people I played with) turned my back on the game is there was no mechanic put in place for others to see the win loss ratios at the turn of the age. I was a 1vs1 player with 1000-91 on one character, Warlord in one loss on another 61-1. These Ratio's defined me in game and took years and money to achieve in game.

I would have suggested to you guys to have put in an option for others to see the hard work and pvp grinding from the past season just like we can see our own past win loss ratio and rank, IMO that would have been a much smoother transition for people like me into the second age.

I want to come back to he arena but Honestly it broke my heart when I found out nobody could see the thousands of matches I had worked so hard for, Ratios that a rank badge could never properly reflect.

I beg the faculty to at least consider the scrolling option to make our win loss records viewable to others to give back core players some dignity. Ty