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Nov 08, 2009
Cat Wildbreeze on Feb 4, 2019 wrote:
I just saw a Balance level 100 rating 1821 VS a Storm level 130 rating 320, How is this fair?
I have been watching pvp, I can not believe the number of
Overlords rating 1100 or above VS privates rating 500 or less
This is not a fair match, the overlord might have less health and spells (they can still use tc for those spells they dont have) , But also has way more experience. In pvp experience is the KEY.
Solution to this problem.
Have a podium for Overlords.
Why are Overlords in the rank podium, they are not RANKING, They are bringing their RATING up, while sacrificing those of us that are trying to rank.
I would love to see this happen.
I wanted to add to this:
A warlord podium would also stop the ratings from being boasted on the Leaderboard.
They may be able to boast their rank in the ranking podium, but once they are rating 1000, and having to do matches in the Warlord podium, that would stop them, might present a problem for the boasters.
Then the leaderboard will be of TRUE RATING.
I really don't see how this will not work.
If you have any thoughts on this, I would like to hear, what you think!

May 16, 2010
@cat wild breeze I don’t think you understand how challenging it is to rank an exalt character to 1800 rank. I’m an 1800 rank fire and every match I get 130s 300-700 rank every match. You think they are at a disadvantage but they have better stats better health and better spells. What this means is the high rank balance is just better at pvp

Nov 06, 2013
Professor Greyrose on Jan 22, 2009 wrote:
Since we've introduced our new Player vs Player system, there have been questions, kudos and comments. This is the place for all of those!

I have come to realize that PvP has become somewhat one sided. Now before anyone objects to my Thesis, allow to state my points. I am an ice wizard. Normally, i would take pride in my defenses and my high life and use that, along with my shields to defend and then over come my opponent in a duel. I would be a legendary tank which would enable me to properly protect my allies when strong attacks come, but as I reach lvl 130, the pinnacle of the game (where lvl is concerned) I gathered the best gears for an Ice Wizard. Even now, i have yet to meet a wizard who has more than 67% resist with 130 universal resist and more than 109% attack damage in any of the schools, even including my own. I thought that since back then, I could shield and protect my allies and myself, i could do it again. I eventually realize that ice wizards resist means little to nothing. I have yet to stand my ground against, much less win a single match since reaching 130 and getting the best gear. i also realized that the resist I take pride in is barely 10% higher than the other schools. The pierce is enough to go straight through my shields and resist without shadow Strike. I would like to make a suggestion. seeing as though storm and fire excel in damage, pierce and critical, Death and Myth excels in being an one man army, life excels in healing, all of these have been evidently clear, but what about the defense of an ice? i once fought against a storm 1v1 and in two hits, im dead. Her Attaack was over 150% and her pierce was 72% without infallible or shadow strike. Can i suggest that since the other respective schools have a distinct and clear boost in the gear related to their class, be done to the ice school as well?